Intensive Care

Intensive Care Was A Stupidly Great B-Action Movie

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Director Jared Bentley’s Intensive Care stars Tara Macken (Sons of Anarchy, The Hunger Games), Jai Rodriguez (How I Met Your Mother), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, The Devil’s Rejects) and Kevin Sizemore (Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462) with a strong premise. Ultimately, the result is a thriller movie that contains a whole lot of fun action rather than a complicated plot. The story can’t stand on its own because it is used as a device to railroad into an action sequence. In a short summary, Alex is a live-in nurse for an elderly woman with a long history of combat training. When three criminals attempt to rob her patient, Alex will give them the fight of a lifetime.

Intensive Care’s Writing Is Horrendous In A Good Way

Intensive Care won’t win any Oscars for its writing because the script shoots and hits the wrong target in so many ways. The funny comes out weird and the serious comes out as funny. The dialogue isn’t nuanced or clever, and coupled with the wooden acting doesn’t help the delivery of the lines. I’d admit there are sequences that would make the average viewer uncomfortable. In addition, there isn’t a plot beyond the basic set-up. You can tell how the movie is incomprehensible and stupid, yet it does deliver on its promises. If I’m honest, I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I’d comfortably like to admit on the internet.

With the wooden acting, the lines that aren’t meant to land bring out the laughter in me. I’d also say Intensive Care didn’t take itself seriously, so the movie has an over-the-top appeal. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to be able to tell how everyone was dead inside. Realism goes out the window in favor of the Rule of Cool. The movie breaks if you think too hard on it, thus you shouldn’t think about getting the best value. You should think about ‘wow this is aesthetically pleasing’ and ‘my friends would both love and enjoy this as a low-grade torture device.’

You Will Stay For Intensive Care‘s Action Sequences

Tara Macken brings her A-game stunts to Intensive Care. These action sequences are the main draw of this thriller; luckily, they know to give the audience what they crave. The connecting scenes don’t take too much time away from the main character’s fights. In fact, they’re interspersed just enough for you to understand what’s going on, but not enough for the viewer to get too annoyed. This balancing act is a delicate one that’s important for B-anything since enjoyment depends on how long you can last watching it get to the unique parts.

I find the camerawork to be steady, but there’s nothing super innovative about Intensive Care’s cinematography. It fits well into the movie’s mission statement of being a simpler movie to enjoy. I appreciated how every decision for Intensive Care fit into this mission. As a result of the genre, there are sequences of sexual violence that are gratuitous and they lack necessity. While they’re not the worst I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie if you’re sensitive to such themes.

Why Should You Watch Intensive Care?

Intensive Care is an over-the-top action movie without frills that offers some of the best female-led stunt sequences in the industry from an amateur viewer’s perspective. I laughed, I didn’t feel bored, and I’d be willing to watch the movie again. Incidentally, I’d even force my own friends to watch it. They’d stare incredulously at me, but I’d stand by my decision on saying there is value to what this movie brings to the table.

There’s something nice about stuff that’s so uncomplicated and stupidly fun. The DVD comes out on January 8th, 2019. If you’re interested in more reviews of weird movies, I’ll be happy to point you to my Blood Ballet review.

Intensive Care
Intensive Care by Jared Bentley
The Score Is Low but the Love Is High
Intensive Care has significant problems, but I can't deny that I enjoyed watching it for what it was. It fulfilled it's intended promise of being a simple action movie that's a fun time.
Great Female-Led Action Sequences
Unintentionally Funny
Poor Writing
Little to No Sensible Characterization