‘Inhuman Condition’ Could Be The Next Big Thing


Even in a world where the supernatural are accepted as one, they still need someone to lend a helping hand.

NOTE: Mild spoilers ahead!

Stargate: Atlantis alum Torri Higginson stars as Dr. Michelle Kessler, a psychiatrist that deals with the supernatural. This season, Dr. Kessler’s patients include: Clara Walker (Clara Pasieka), Robert “Linc” Lincoln (Thomas Olajide), and Tamar (Cara Gee).

Clara is a young woman who suffers from Living Dead Disease, a disease that slowly turns you into a walker (or zombie), and is looking to medically end her life. Linc, a werewolf, meets with Kessler for court-mandated therapy after a bar fight that left four seriously injured. Tamar is a young woman whom, in addition to suffering from anxiety, has some breathtakingly intense powers.

However, Inhuman Condition doesn’t just focus on sessions with the patients. Writer RJ Lackie also incorporates some of Kessler’s personal troubles into the mix, like her complicated relationship with her ex-wife and daughter, a potential new lover and her sexuality.

Higginson brings a very ‘human’ touch to the series. From the start, her compassion and charisma are evident. It makes her not just extremely likeable and brings the audience back time and time again. Though she is aware that she is dealing with some of society’s most unstable outcasts, you truly can feel that she wants to help them. Her portrayal of Dr. Michelle Kessler is honestly just perfect, and to be honest, I couldn’t imagine someone more perfect for this role.

Though web series are currently on the rise, Inhuman Condition is certainly the first of its kind. Television shows like Supernatural do focus on the supernatural and have been a hit, but they don’t give such a human view to their paranormal friends and foes. Inhuman Condition touches on how hard it is for inhumans to move on, to love and to die. It allows the viewers to relate and connect by giving our supernatural stars a more human aspect. Take Tamar, for example. Though she has some breathtaking powers, she has never had a first love and is confused and scared by what she feels. Anyone can remember their first love, and how giddy it made you feel, or still feel. And honestly, anybody who has ever had a first love can relate to that confusion that Tamar feels and that butterfly-feeling that Kessler mentions.

The episodes range from four to eight minutes, but don’t be fooled: the airing time definitely does not take away from the storyline or the characters. It certainly makes binge-watchers happy, since they can be caught up within a day and still have time to re-watch the whole series again.

Though the series has only aired 17 of an anticipated 33 episodes, I’m very excited to see where this series goes, and I’m definitely rooting for there to be a season 2. The cast is seriously perfect and the storyline contains just the right amount of drama and suspense. My highest praise certainly goes to leading lady Torri Higginson and her portrayal of our favourite paranormal psychiatrist. The fact that she can relay compassion, strength and likability through a screen and leave you with a feeling that someone just gave you a hug is utterly remarkable. Seriously, if anyone messes with Dr. Kessler, I’m going to go all Dean Winchester on their behind. With the frequent uploads and ease of access, I certainly envision this show garnering an audience way larger than most web series currently out on the net.

New episodes of Inhuman Condition air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm ET on the KindaTV YouTube channel. The series is currently on their mid-season hiatus and will return on August 15th, leaving you plenty of time to binge-watch the past 17 episodes before the new one airs!

Check out the trailer for Inhuman Condition below!

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