Someone Gets A Requiem In Infinity Wars Prime #1

Infinity Wars Prime #1
Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

While Infinity Countdown has been building up to Infinity Wars for some time now, Infinity Wars Prime #1 begins an exciting, new arc by smashing expectations. Armed with amusing dialogue and shocking twists, Gerry Duggan continues his cosmic epic with spectacular art by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin.

A New Beginning… Sort Of

As mentioned before, this story has been building up for a whileStill, Infinity Wars Prime #1 offers a place to jump into the story for those who haven’t been keeping up. Having only read a few of the Infinity Countdown tie-ins, I found myself a little confused at times. However, this did not hinder my overall understanding or my ability to enjoy this issue.

Infinity Wars Prime #1
Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

The story begins with Loki lamenting that he is going mad. His memories don’t match up with the books written about them. More importantly, none of these stories end with him on the throne.  Convinced that someone is playing a trick on him, he convinces Asgardian tomekeeper, Flowa, to go with him to the Quarry of Creation to recover a missing story.

While I’m not sure how Loki’s plot will figure into the larger story, this scene offers some entertaining dialogue. It also features some meta-humor in the form of Loki’s complaint against “what if” style stories involving the same characters but in different universes.

With quips like this, I look forward to seeing where his story leads.

Infinity Wars Prime #1
Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

With the re-emergence of the Infinity Stones, trouble brews as various characters plot to get their hands on them. A disturbance in the Soul World brings in key players from the original Infinity War, Adam Warlock, and Doctor Strange.

Their investigation leads them to a deadly encounter with a mysterious, enormous entity in the Soul World.  As a result, Doctor Strange reveals that he has the Time Stone when he turns back time to save Adam Warlock. They suspect Thanos will try to assemble the Stones once again, but Thanos isn’t the one they should be worried about…

Who Is Requiem?

Having set up the Mad Titan as the main antagonist, Duggan surprises readers by having Requiem kill off Thanos before the official series even begins. This sets her up as the new antagonist and begs the question: who is Requiem?

Infinity Wars Prime #1
Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

Her interactions with Thanos suggest that they have a history, hinting that this is probably a character we’ve seen before. Moreover, it is telling that instead of taking control of Thanos’s Chitauri army, she chooses to kill them off too. All speculation aside, Requiem seems like a powerful, intriguing character and I can’t wait to find out who she is.

A Cosmic Landscape

Deodata and Martin create absolutely stunning visuals of every setting, producing the perfect backdrop for this cosmic epic. From the dark tones of Omnipotence City to the vibrant colors of the Soul World, each location is unique.

My only complaint is that having large images broken up into several panels makes it rather difficult to follow sometimes. It took quite a few pages for me to get used to it.  That being said, this did give the larger panels and page spreads much more of an impact.

Infinity Wars Prime #1
Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

Infinity Wars Prime #1: Same Title, New Epic

This comic may share a name with another amazing comic arc and a heart-wrenching film, but it is very much its own story. Thanos’s death differentiates it from both of the previous iterations so it can stand on its own.

I think it’s safe to say that going forward, readers should expect the unexpected.  With the Infinity Warps issues being published alongside the main Infinity Wars arc, this is shaping up to be an epic new adventure for the Marvel Universe!

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