Happy Ten Years Marvel Cinematic Universe; you broke our hearts with Infinity War though… I’ll give you that, Russo Brothers and Kevin Feige. Infinity freaking War. Can you believe it? Can you grasp it? What can we make of the madness that is Infinity War? Well, we can’t.

But, here’s our Infinity War review anyway. Spoilers are ahead (sort of, we will try to leave it spoiler-less; but, there’s probably going to be spoilers. Sorry in advance. So, beware from here on out!) This review will also be allllllll over the place — we tried to organize our thoughts, but a raw review might be the best thing we got. There’s a method to the madness, we promise.

The Synopsis Of Infinity War

Now, do we really need to talk about the synopsis of the film? By now, we all know Thanos is on his quest for the stones — so, that’s basically the plot summary without any spoilers for you. Thanos wants all seven stones and he travels the world to get them, he wants to eliminate half of the population. His way of doing so is gaining every single stone for the ultimate power.

Visuals Were Top-Notch = A+

Thanos… was… we will talk about that later. Let’s talk about everything, but Thanos and then we will talk about the crazy Marvel villain that everyone loves to hate and hates to love. The 10-years-in-the-making was a beautiful process which leads us to this film. We got a ton of Wakanda, a ton of Bucky Barnes, and a ton of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) surprisingly.

Coming from someone who was not entirely a huge fan of the Dr. Strange film, we enjoyed him in Infinity War. It was one of those: “didn’t like Iron Fist in his solo Netflix series but in Defenders he was decent.” The character development was great between Strange and Stark, even more so Peter Parker, too. The way the film moved from galaxy to galaxy was outstanding, that was a high aspect that I enjoyed.

Seeing Thor in one area, then finishing what we had seen not too long ago with Drax and then seeing Thanos in his quest for another stone. It moved and paced really well and I stood with grace after the film was finished. Also, Vision and Scarlet Witch are canons forever. We die by that. Vision’s entire being made us cry, one of the moments that did. Vision is such a generous being that it hurts when anything happens to him that is not nice in the slightest. However, Vision was a marvelous character in this movie.

Much deserved spotlight for Vision inside and outside of his costume. Pepper Pots, however, I am happy to see. LIKE PEPPERONY is everything and I’m so excited that they may be back together? Which is great news because we haven’t seen Pepper since they broke up in… Civil War?

Gamora Was Spectacular, Hands Down

Were we the only ones who loved Gamora in this film? Honestly, between Spider-Man, Gamora, and Tony Stark… we don’t know who could be considered a front-runner. Everyone had a job and everyone did that job extraordinarily well. From Star-Lord to Bruce Banner to Scarlet Witch, we can comfortably say… no one was a waste of screen time. And, even when it came to newer characters, they gave appropriate screen time to all of them. In such a huge film with over 200 characters, the Russo Brothers did a solid job here.

With Avengers 4 coming out in 2019, this film left us with a hard film to top. Honestly, this film was undividedly one of the best films in the MCU. Not only was Thanos created splendidly (even if we don’t want to admit it) — the deaths that do happen are… heart-wrenching. It was a lot more then what we thought we were going to see. If you have expectations from the Internet on what you presume you will see, it won’t happen.

We will tell you this now, we had expectations down to Groot, and not one of them happened. It was a flabergasting moment sitting in the theater and none of what you think will happen happens. There are characters who will be ultimate stars in Infinity War. We didn’t expect Gamora to be a powerhouse in this film, we assumed she was going to have a role with Thanos being her father… but, not this big. 

Josh Brolin’s Thanos Was Just Unruly

Mad Titan… as he’s called, who we haven’t seen in about six years? Since Marvel’s The Avengers? Everything leads us to him or lead him to us? Either way, this is what has come to fruition.

There were too many deaths, I’ll be honest. We are sorry for the semi-spoiler, but dang, Marvel. The beginning of the film started wicked, Thanos has to be the best villain Marvel has ever seen before. Other than Loki, of course. Even though the pity for him is at a 5%, he’s still a remarkably solid villain. 

This is coming from Marvel, who has a slight villain problem in the MCU. They outdid themselves with Thanos. He wasn’t, by any means, perfectly rounded. However, he was steadfast and frightful. Truly a scary dude. Thanos… what have you done? Riddle me that, please.

No pity like we said, but he was great at being “a villain that should be hated.” Josh Brolin was a great pawn to play Thanos. He was determined enough to where… we did feel bad, at times, for him. Granted, it was mostly towards Gamora in regards to Thanos, but it was something. Thanos, however, is… a madman.

More Of Thanos’ Background In Avengers 4?

If you knew about his background you could understand why. While he is a great villain, we didn’t get much into where he came from. Wish we would have seen more into his childhood, but we do get into Gamora’s. We would have liked to see more of his childhood, and more of what makes him Mad Titan. This is mostly assuming that Infinity War and Avengers 4 was supposed to be a Thanos origin essentially.

Again, not complaining, I enjoyed Gamora and her ***** (death) was a sacrifice Thanos made. Nonetheless, she was going to be ******** (murdered) regardless it appeared. She could possibly come back after they capture Thanos and the glove is up in the air. There is supposed to be a Guardians 3, so that’s in the air, too. We felt for Star-Lord. Our hearts couldn’t take it when he found out.

We Are Grieving After Infinity War

The ending broke us. To the core. And the post-credit scene? Even worse. However, Captain Marvel. We will say that. The ending is what tore us apart in terms of waiting a whole year for Avengers 4. We are going to be broken for a whole year before we can reach a conclusion to the madness we just saw.

We are still in an awe of words because we can’t process what just happened, or maybe we can and don’t want to. Probably that. This movie was phenomenal, and even that isn’t giving it enough credit. We didn’t touch on everything that happened in the film. Respectively so, #ThanosDemandsOurSilence; but, watch it as many times as you can, give the Russo Brothers all the money. They deserve it.

See you in 2019, fans. Oh, and about Peter Dinklage’s role… you’ll be happy. Also, Bruce Banner plays a great part in this film — but, he was great in Thor: Ragnarok.

Infinity War by The Russo Brothers
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