With Avengers Infinity War coming out this week, the internet is abuzz with fan theories. One of the biggest focuses of these theories is who is going to die? Potential spoilers ahead…

We Know Someone Dies In Avengers Infinity War

In part because we haven’t lost an Avenger in the last 10 years so it’s kind of time. Also, Sebastian Stan said someone dies. And Tessa Thompson said that Thor: Ragnarok’s end credit scene leads to a rough beginning for Infinity War.

There are a lot of theories about which Avenger is going to die in the film. Loki is probably one of the most popular with many believing that he sacrifices himself and the Tesseract to save Thor. Another popular theory is Iron Man, though if those theories are accurate it really is a toss-up between him and Spiderman. This is because of a clip in one of the trailers where Peter apologizes to Tony and no one is really sure if it because Peter is dying, or because Tony is about to.

Steve and Bucky in Infinity War

Another big potential death is Steve Rogers. In part because Chris Evans contract is ending soon but also because of the multiple characters that are positioned to take over as Captain America. Also obviously Vision’s life is in grave danger because he has one of the Infinity Stones in his forehead.

The Theory

So what is this most important theory?

A huge player in how Infinity War turns out, as well as who lives and who dies is Doctor Strange. Because he has the Eye of Agamotto which has the Time Stone inside of it, Doctor Strange has the ability to manipulate time. This includes being able to go back in time to save all or some of the characters that may die.

Doctor Strange

Some believe that Infinity War has the potential to be told from Doctor Strange’s perspective as he goes through the events of Thanos coming to Earth over and over again trying to save all of the Avengers.

Another possibility is that if Infinity War is not about Doctor Strange time traveling, the fourth Avengers film may be. This is supported by certain set photos from the film where we say 2012 Captain America and Thor, as well as an older looking Tony in a SHIELD uniform. Some believe that it may even be possible Tony that saves all of the Avengers with Doctor Strange’s help.

Captain America

Basically, there is so much that could possibly happen in this film. But if you’re worried about your favorite character dying you now have some hope.