News Release for An Infidelitous Earth by Brandon Smalls


Sci-fi is making a comeback and in the best way possible. With a new book by Brandon Smalls titled “An Infidelitous Earth.” Brandon Smalls, whom you may know as cinematographer on the web series Brains, is making his debut as a writer. Smalls is not unfamiliar with sci-fi world, as a child Smalls wrote books a dime a dozen. By the time he completed high school, he wrote his second sci-fi based novel. However, it did not stop there.

Smalls, over the years, moved to other mediums to express his creativity. From the stage to the screen to writing and directing films, he was at his peak of creative fulfillment. Smalls did all of this awe-inspiring work while writing his novel whenever he had the time.

Smalls is a graduate of Davidson College and currently, lives in New York City. Smalls is still channeling all his creative acts by acting, directing and writing every day. You can check out more information on his book at

Brandon Smalls

An Infidelitous Earth is a first, fresh look at a new world that is unfamiliar but gravitating. An Infidelitous Earth is about the main character named James McCrary. James is… not necessarily a bad man, but he also would not be considered a man for all intents and purposes. James’ protégé Uwe saved him from juvenile detention and now he is preferring his steak “extra rare” these days. By “extra rare” James means “extra rare” (the cow could possibly still be mooing).

Executors from New York and Berlin are asking for his help to take down the best of the best… animals. One day, he gets a call from Western Europe asking him to track down the most dangerous pyromancer that London has ever seen. James is told to recover an artifact, not just any artifact, an artifact that is a game changer and very powerful. However, this starts the first-class war for James and soon enough he will realize his predator instincts can quickly turn into prey instincts and vice versa.

This book is going to be a game changer. There is nothing similar to it out now and it brings a whole new light to reading. If you love sci-fi, please check out his book here.


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