Have you ever wanted to read a cute 50s comic that is a mash-up of Grease and Footloose? Well, Cheriiart (Chelsey Furedi) has created just that with Rock and Riot. In this new series, where we promote LGBTQIA+, mental health, and generally any webcomic promoting and showcasing something wonderful, we talk about Tapas webcomics that should be on your radar. Chelsey Furedi has created such a wonderful comic to showcase and we are going to talk about it, review it, and boost it up. Nonetheless, let’s get started talking about what Rock and Riot is.

What Is The Synopsis Of Rock And Riot?

In the purest of terms, we can define Rock and Riot as a webcomic that follows the tales of confronting teenage gangs in the 1950s. It isn’t just your average 50s comic, however, it has LGBTQIA+ themes that make it remarkably special. With two opposing teams and a side of love, what could possibly happen to set aside their disputes and make them pals? I guess you’ll have to find out… Generally, that is what Rock and Riot is about. It is a pure webcomic, but so much happens within it. You get themes of LGBTQIA+ but on the scale of it being the 50s.

This wasn’t the norm. Neither was dating outside of your race. Chelsey does a wonderful job of showcasing the consequences of the characters and how they feel about this. They try and change the minds of the people around them, but even if they don’t, they will still be happy and in love. At the end of the day, who cares? They love and love hard and it doesn’t matter who doesn’t support it. My favorites are Carla and Connie, they are the absolute cutest. I further have an attachment to Clyde and Gene. The characters throughout the series are incredible and charming.

About Rock And Riot & Chelsey Furedi

Chelsea is, as she describes it, “a queer 21-year-old girl who is working in the animation industry.” A little about her webcomic is that it started in 2015 and ended in 2017 (as far as Tapas says). The webcomic goes by chapters and one-shots but if you read it on Tapas it glides well enough to where you don’t even notice you’re in another chapter or section of the series.

We don’t want to tell you what every different chapter is about because we don’t want to ruin it. Each chapter and section of the comic tells a different story about a different character. What makes this webcomic special is that it has a different theme and topic covered in each chapter. It is perpetually different but the same characters exist in each one.

What Else Makes This Webcomic Special?

Not only does this comic provide wonderful subjects to ponder on after you read it, but Chelsey Furedi does an outstanding job making it fun to read. Many of the moments, scenes, and small chapters are so much fun. They were whimsical and many made me chuckle as I read them. We are featuring this comic because it honestly made us cry happy tears at the end of the entire series.

It ended in such a way that it just made our heart so happy. Without giving significant details away from the webcomic and giving you the opportunity to enjoy it and all of its glory; we will lead you to where you can find more of it. We first met Rock and Riot on Tapas, but you can find it on Tumblr as well. You can find more of Chelsey Furedi on YouTube, Website, and Tumblr. Chelsea’s most recent project was Project Nought, which is an incredible comic that has futuristic elements in it.