My Hero Academia or MHA is a popular superhero manga by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga was serialized and the first season of MHA aired in 2016.

Since then, 5 more seasons have aired up until 2021 and the 6th season will be released in October 2022.  

In what episode does Hawks first appear in MHA?

In Which Episode Does Hawks Appear In MHA

If a silhouette is counted as an appearance, then we first get a glimpse of Hawks in episode 66 which is the third episode of season 4.

We get to see a clear shadow of Hawks and it is easy to determine that it is him. We then get to see him in his true and proper form in season 4 episodes 24 and 25. He then appears in season 5.

Does Hawks appear in season 5 of MHA?

Hawks appear much more prominently in MHA’s season 5 although he isn’t visible in every episode. He makes an appearance in the first and second episodes.

Then he makes an appearance in three consecutive episodes; from episodes 13 to 15. Then he appears again in episodes 18, 19, and 25. At other times, he appears in a flashback while in some other episodes others are found talking about him.

When does Hawks appear in the movies?

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Three anime movies have come out; My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, and My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission.

Hawks appears in the second anime movie which was released in December 2019 in Japan. Although Hawks’ role isn’t that of a major character, he still has an important role in that movie.

When was Hawks born?

Hawks was born in late December; possibly December 28th, 1997 which makes him 24 years old.

What makes Hawks a good hero?

Hawks has Fierce Wings as his Quirk which enables him to fly fast. His complete control over his feathers allows him to either attack or save depending on the situation and need. Hawks is quite intelligent and is always vigilant.

Why wasn’t Hawks enrolled in U.A.?

It was the decision made by the Hero Public Safety Commission. They chose not to send him to U.A. but train him themselves.

This may be the reason why Hawks’ exemplary skills developed and he ranked so high when compared to other heroes at such an early age. He is definitely on his way to becoming the No. 1 Pro Hero.  

Is Hawks a protagonist?

Hawks is the public name of Keigo Takami and he is also known as the Wing Hero: Hawks in My Hero Academia. He is among the top fan favorites and is a protagonist in MHA.

Although MHA has plenty of interesting characters, Hawks stands out because of his demeanor and his way of doing things. His unique personality is what makes others love him so much.

Is Hawks a villain?

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At times Hawks seems to act more like a villain than a hero. But at the end of the day, his goal is to bring peace and he will go to whatever length he needs to achieve it.

Hawks cannot be called a villain just because he goes out of his way. Sometimes, he chooses to bend his morals for the higher good which is more beneficial for everybody.

What is Hawks’ personality like?

Hawks takes his duty as a hero seriously because he knows how much that means to people. He wishes that he had more time at hand to do things he loves because too much is expected of him.

He feels pressurized to meet expectations as he is a high-ranking hero which means he cannot become lazy even if he wished.

Does Hawks respect Endeavor?

At times, we are made to question how we feel about Hawks because of the way he conducts himself.

However, when it comes to Endeavor, we are shown that he has always been a huge fan of Endeavour since his childhood. Regardless of how irritating Hawks may be to the no. 1 hero, Hawks does admire Endeavour and thinks highly of him.

How strong is the Hawks?

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Hawks is one of the strongest heroes in the My Hero Academia story but many are stronger and weaker than him.

Hawks can defeat many villains because he has the brutal strength, technique, and brains. He can easily defeat Stain, Twice, Trumpet, Mr. Compress, Curious, Gentle Criminal, Kurogiri, Himiko Toga, Moonfish, and Spinner.

Who is stronger than the Hawks?

Endeavor, Nine, All For One, Shigaraki Tomura, and All Might are stronger than Hawks.

Who is weaker than the Hawks?

Izuku Midoriya, Best Jeanist, Bakugo Katsuki, Shoto Todoroki, and Jin Bubaigawara are weaker than Hawks.

What is Hawks’ backstory?

His mother had given shelter to his father, who was a murderer, and that is when his mother became pregnant with him.

Hawks doesn’t have the best childhood as he was abused by his parents. He wasn’t allowed to go out and instead spent his days in the house watching television. This is when he learns about heroes.

Is Hawks ambitious?

He has been ambitious from a very young age. Hawks started his agency when he was merely 18 years old and that shows how seriously he takes himself.

The cherry on top is that he also appeared on the Pro Hero Billboard Chart in the same year. It took him only a couple of years to be positioned at spot number 2; just behind Endeavour.

How was Hawks designed?

The idea of Hawks came to Kohei Horikoshi from another manga series of his called the Oumagadoki Zoo. The design of the character Hawks was inspired by Takahiro who is an eagle.

Horikoshi also used many characters from that manga in MHA. While some of those characters had full-fledged roles in MHA, other characters made cameo appearances in the manga.

Who voiced Hawks?

In the English dubbed version, it was Zeno Robinson who voiced Hawks. Robinson has also voiced another character of MHA which is Yakuza Deidoro Sakaki.

In the Japanese version, it is Yuichi Nakamura who voiced the No. 2 Pro Hero.

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