The Vampire Diaries focuses on the residents of a town in Virginia called Mystic Falls. The major characters of the show include Stefan, Damon, Elena, Katherine, Caroline, Tyler, Alaric, Bonnie, Matt, and Sheriff Forbes. The show has been adapted from the books of the same name by L. J. Smith.

In Which Episode Does Elena Wake Up?

Which episode does Elena go into deep sleep?

Elena goes into a coma-like state at the end of the 21st episode in the 6th season titled ‘I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime.’ She is not the only one who gets injured in this episode though.

In Which Episode Does Elena Wake Up?

We find out that she has gone into a deep sleep in the season finale titled ‘I’m thinking of you all the while.’ This is when Kai tells Damon about his spell.

What causes Elena to go into a deep sleep state?

Kai puts a spell on Elena Gibert that causes her to go into a sleep-like coma. He links her life to Bonnie’s meaning Elena can only wake up when Bonnie dies.

He also ensures that if Bonnie tries to find a way to break his spell, then both she and Elena would die. This is to ensure that there is no way Elena can wake up unless Bonnie passes away.

Which episode does Elena wake up?

Elena wakes up from her mystical sleep coma in episode 16 of season 8 titled ‘I was feeling epic’. Bonnie is the one who wakes Elena up with her powers.

How does Bonnie find out about the spell?

She finds a video camera that says ‘Watch Me’ and it is revealed that Kai put it there so she could find it. She asks Matt to watch the tape and in it we see Kai telling her about the spell he cast.

Bonnie and Matt are visibly upset after finding out about the horrible spell and the consequences if Bonnie tries to wake Elena with her powers.

How does Bonnie wake up Elena?

Kai clearly states that it is impossible to wake Elena up unless Bonnie dies. However, Bonnie manages to wake Elena without harming herself in the process.

She can do this because of the confidence she gets after stopping the hellfire in Mystic Falls thanks to Enzo’s encouragement. Bonnie embraces herself and her powers which is how she figures out how to undo the spell to wake Elena up.

Why do Kai link Elena and Bonnie’s life?

Kai wanted to take revenge on Bonnie because when they went to the prison world together in 1903, Bonnie abandons him. This hurts Kai immensely and makes him quite upset.

He holds a grudge ever since then and finds the perfect opportunity to take his revenge once he escapes the prison world.

Why does Kai say that he can’t undo the spell he cast on Elena?

Kai uses a powerful spell on Elena and he says that it cannot be undone because he temporarily kills himself soon after which makes the spell he cast permanently.

Perhaps this indicates that it was possible to undo the spell before his temporary death. However, as Kai is never interested in helping anybody, he would have never undone the spell.

Why isn’t the spell broken when Kai dies?

Kai says that since he has died once, the spell became permanent and so no one can break it. This is why even when Damon beheads Kai, the spell remains as Elena doesn’t awaken from her slumber.

What makes Kai so powerful?

Kai is quite powerful because he can siphon magic which means he can easily absorb magic that others possess.

in which episode does elena wake up from coma

This allows him to use other people’s power to his advantage. Kai is a heretic which means he is a vampire and witch hybrid. He is essentially immortal.

Why was Bonnie ready to sacrifice herself for Elena?

In episode 16 of the show’s final season, Bonnie meets Elena. This is when Bonnie confesses that she is ready to die because she can be with Enzo.

But Elena says that she should live her life fully and not die for her. Enzo pulls her out telling her that she is not ready which is when Bonnie regains her consciousness.

Are Elena’s close friends happy with the decision to let Bonnie live?

All the people who were close to Elena concluded that it is best to let Elena stay in her slumber as no one was onboard for killing Bonnie.

Although the decision was tough, they were at peace with it because it was the best thing to do as Bonnie was loved by all.

Why does Damon save Bonnie instead of killing her to wake Elena?

In the earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries, both Bonnie and Damon despise each other. However, their friendship grows eventually and Damon starts to truly care for Bonnie.

what episode will elena wake up

Damon cannot fathom killing Bonnie for the love of his life, Elena. So, he decides to save Bonnie after Kai attempts to kill her and waits for Elena to wake up from her sleep when the time comes.  

Is it possible that Elena was never linked to Bonnie but Stefan?

Some people assumed that Kai was playing tricks and he linked Elena’s life with Stefan’s. But this theory doesn’t hold because after the spell is cast, Stefan dies twice.

If their lives were linked then Elena would have come back to life. Since she doesn’t, it means that their lives aren’t connected in any way. Kai was telling the truth when he said Bonnie and Elena’s life are linked.

Did Elena’s coma have anything to do with Nina’s desire to leave the show?

Nina Dobrev said on her social media handle that she envisioned Elena’s journey to be six seasons long and so decided to part ways with the show.

This is the main reason why the writers decided to add the angle of the spell that Kai casts on her so that she doesn’t need to appear for the remaining seasons. She made a comeback in the last season though.

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