The Vampire Diaries is a famous American teen supernatural series that went on air in 2009. It was conceptualized by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and went on till 2017, completing successful 8 seasons. 

In Vampire Diaries Who Is Kai

In Vampire Diaries Who Is Kai

Who is Kai in The Vampire Diaries? 

Kai is short for Malachai Parker. His character first appeared in the sixth season of the show. He was one of the most liked antagonists as he played a sociopathic serial killer who was trapped in a prison world to protect the Gemini coven.

He is Josette’s evil twin brother and doesn’t hold powers of his own. 

Is Kai a vampire? 

Kai can be regarded as a heretic which is a combination of vampire and witch. He was the twin of a Gemini coven making him a witch. He killed himself with vampire blood in his system and took his father’s blood to complete the transition. 

How old was Kai in TVD? 

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He was born in 1972 in Portland, Oregon. Since he spent several years in the prison world, his physical appearance hints at his age being just 22. But his biological age at present is 57 years.

What powers does Kai have? 

He doesn’t have any inherent supernatural powers except for his gift for siphoning. He can extract powers from magical objects, or even witches because he wasn’t born with magic. 

What happens to the Gemini twins at 22? 

The twins of Gemini have to go through their coven’s tradition that is regarded as “the merge”. When they turn 22, they have to get into a power battle where the powerful twin wins and the weaker one dies.

The winner gets to rule their coven until the next set of twins emerge. 

Why is Kai so evil? 

Since Kai was born as a siphoner and not a pure witch, he was considered an abomination by his family. Thus, he developed a hatred for his family and the society, making him hungry for absolute power. 

Who kills Kai Parker?

Kai Parker isn’t killed in TVD but sent back to the prison world. Therefore, he later appears in Legacies and meets the grown Gemini twins. 

Does Bonnie like Kai? 

Bonnie disliked Kai when they were first introduced to the prison world. He planned a ruse by taking Bonnie to his house in Portland and preparing a meal.

Bonnie was convinced and thought they could be friends, but he found the knife that contained magic and stabbed her to get Bennett’s blood. Since then Bonnie has hated him. 

Who saved Elena from Kai? 

When Elena was under the sleeping spell, Damon beheaded Kai while he was a heretic and once he was resurrected, he ended up in the prison world once again.

That led to Elena waking from her slumber after the linking spell between her and Bonnie was broken. 

Can Klaus win over Kai? 

Kai has an upper hand over Klaus based on their powers. While Klaus can be put away with a dagger, dealing with Kai is trickier since he has an endless supply of magic and can come back to life as a vampire. 

Who does Kai fall in love with within TVD?

He has not been seen with a prominent love interest throughout the show. However, he flirted with Bonnie and teased her at various occasions making it the closest Kai has come to being romantically interested in someone. 

Does Katherine like Kai? 

Katherine and Kai share interests since they both place themselves first and take on their evil side. They befriended each other during the show and even turned allies when the situation called for it. They would also go to huge extents to protect each other. 

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Why did Kai link Elena and Bonnie?

Kai wanted Bonnie to be a burden to everyone because as long as she will be alive, Elena won’t be able to wake from the sleeping spell.

He also anticipated that Damon’s love for Elena would push him to kill Bonnie after some time. 

What happens to Josette in The Vampire Diaries? 

During her wedding with Alaric Saltzman, Jo gets stabbed in the gut and falls into Alaric’s arms. It is revealed that Kai killed her while concealing himself with the cloaking spell. Jo dies a few moments after lying down. 

Who was in Jo’s body in Vampire Diaries? 

A vampire named Florence was placed in the phoenix stone by Rayna Cruz. Her spirit then entered the deceased body of Josette. While Alaric and others hoped that she was back, the spirit couldn’t survive in her body and she died again. 

Did Josette’s twins survive? 

The Gemini coven played a prominent role in saving the twins when Kai killed Jo. They used magic to transfer them to a safer place, i.e. inside Caroline. Therefore, she took care of them like a mother after they were born. 

Did Caroline sleep with Alaric? 

Even though Caroline mothered Alaric’s children, she didn’t intend to form a romantic relationship with him.

Alaric had fallen in love with her during the process of raising the children, but Caroline was against that idea and she didn’t encourage it. 

How old is Caroline in TVD?

Caroline was 17 when she turned into a vampire making her physical aging static from that point. But by the time the show ended, her biological age was approximately 30. 

Who is the most powerful villain of TVD? 

Throughout the seasons, Klaus and Kai have been portrayed as the characters who have caused maximum devastation in their lives. While Klaus turns more of an anti-hero towards the end, Kai continues to torment everyone. 

Who is Klaus’ one true love?

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Considering TVD in particular, Klaus was intensely in love with Caroline Forbes. Even though Caroline pulled herself back considering the circumstances, Klaus never stopped pursuing her and protecting her whenever she needed help. 

Who is the oldest vampire in TVD? 

Mikael is the oldest vampire to exist in the show. He is also the strongest vampire because his transition intensified his strength. His children are regarded as the ‘original’ siblings and it is believed that their lineage started that way. 

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