It’s been over two years since BBC3’s In the Flesh was canceled, but the fandom is still alive and kicking.

There might be light at the tunnel for fans of In The Flesh. Dominic Mitchell posted yesterday a series of tweets expressing his interest in writing a 90-minute special episode that would give closure to the story:

“Like” would be an understatement.

Far from moving on, the In The Flesh fandom has never stopped supporting the series, creating fanworks, and signing petitions asking for the show to be given another chance. For the first time in a long time, that chance might be closer than ever.

Yes, so far it’s just an idea, but it’s also a ray of hope that this story might, at least, get the ending it deserves. Mitchell asks fans interested in seeing this special to help promote the idea by contacting BBC3 and BBCAmerica. So far, there’s still not any more details. This could just be TPTB testing the waters, and waiting for the fandom to respond accordingly. So if there’s ever been a moment to show support for the series, this is it!

To help gain traction, the fandom has planned a mass tweeting to alert other fans and viewers of the show and ask them to join in. This event will be taking place today, Friday 10th, at 8PM GMT. The hashtag that is going to be used is #InTheFlesh.

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