Jessie is a story about a girl who decides to move to New York City to fulfill her dreams and ends up becoming a nanny to a wealthy family.

Jessie’s pilot episode aired on September 30th, 2011, and the show’s finale was aired on October 16th, 2015 on the Disney channel.

In Jessie is Stuart a girl or boy?

Is Stuart a girl or a boy in Jessie?

Stuart Wooten is a boy who falls in love with Zuri Ross the moment he sees her. This is evident in his dressing and the way he speaks.

Was Stuart one of the main characters in Jessie?

No, he was not the main character in the show although he did appear in quite a few episodes of the popular Disney show. He is a recurring character.

How old is Stuart in Jessie?

In season 2 of Jessie, Stuart was 10, in season 3 he was 11 to 12 years old, and in season 4 he was 12 to 13 years old.

Who are Stuart’s friends?

Stuart’s friends include Jessie Prescott, Bertram Winkle, Zuri Ross, Ravi Ross, Hudson, Luke Ross, and Emma Ross.

Does Stuart love Zuri?

It is clear from the start that Stuart is madly in love with Zuri who doesn’t reciprocate. He gives her a promise ring in the second season of the show. He tries to impress Zuri by sending flowers and asking her out.

Zuri isn’t impressed by all this and this hurts Stuart but he doesn’t give up as his feelings for her are strong as we see in later episodes.

Does Zuri Ross like Stuart?

Initially, Zuri doesn’t like Stuart because she finds him quite irritating. This is particularly highlighted in the episode ‘The Trouble with Tessie’. 

However, in the episode ‘Where’s Zuri?’ it is clear that she likes him too. Her liking for him is hinted at in the episode ‘Quitting Cold Koala’ where Stuart doesn’t pay as much attention to Zuri as usual which makes her jealous.

Are Stuart and Zuri dating?

We can assume that Stuart and Zuri Ross start to date after the episode ‘Where’s Zuri?’ They do go on a secret date when they leave for the Planetarium.

Why does Stuart change for Zuri?

Stuart wants to impress Zuri in any way he can. He thinks she will like him better if he becomes a bad boy, so he becomes one.

This is a far departure from what he truly is from the start. Stuart feels much better after finding out that Zuri likes him better as he is (silly and romantic) rather than what he has become (a bad boy).

Does Stuart have any enemies?

Stuart Wooten hates Shane because Zuri shows interest in him. Stuart even goes as far as to have a dance battle with Shane to prove he is better for Zuri.

When Shane indicates that he doesn’t like Zuri, Stuart comes to Zuri’s defense. This helps Zuri start to develop feelings for Stuart as she is impressed by him.

Does Stuart get along with Ravi?

In the beginning, they do not like each other much because Ravi is rude toward Stuart. However, they get along with each other in the episode ‘Quitting Cold Koala’ where they work to fix Kenny; Luke’s koala bear toy. After this, they become friends.

Does Stuart get along with Emma and Luke?

Stuart becomes good friends with both Emma and Luke Ross. Emma doesn’t like him initially but then they eventually become friends.

Luke appreciates Stuart after he fixes his stuffed animal and they become friends.

Who plays Stuart in Jessie?

Josie Totah essayed the role of Stuart Wooten in Jessie. At the time, she identified as a male and went by the name of J. J. Totah.

She starred as a male in other movies and series up until 2018 when she came out as a transgender female in 2018. She wrote a moving essay titled ‘My name is Josie Totah – And I’m ready to be free’ which inspired many.

How many episodes does Stuart appear in?

Stuart appears in a total of 7 episodes in three seasons of Jessie. We first see Stuart in Season 2 episode ‘The Trouble with Tessie’.

He made appearances in ‘Quitting Cold Koala’ and ‘Panic Attack Room’. In season 3, we see Stuart in two episodes; ‘Acting with the Frenemy’ and ‘Where’s Zuri?’ In season 4, we see him in two episodes; ‘Capture the Nag’ and ‘The Ghostest with the Mostest’.

Where is the actor who played Stuart in Jessie now?

Josie Totah went on to act in a variety of TV series and movies ever since the Jessie show ended. Some of the series and movies the talented actress starred in include Champions, Other People, Glee, Saved by the Bell, Moxie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sofia the First, and many more. She has appeared in various talk shows such as ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show.’

Who are the main characters in Jessie?

The main characters of Jessie are Jessie Prescott, Ravi Ross, Luke Ross, Zuri Ross, Emma Ross, Tony Chicolini, and Bertram Winkle.

Who are the recurring characters in Jessie?

The recurring cast includes Tony Chiccolini, Nancy Agatha, Mrs. Kipling (the monitor lizard), Christina Ross, Morgan Ross, and Rhoda Chesterfield.

Did celebrities guest star on Jessie?

Although the show ran for four seasons, many guest stars made an appearance in Jessie. These include Noah Centineo, Francesca Capaldi, Matt Shively, Jillian Rose Reed, Maia Mitchell, Katherine McNamara, Sierra McCormick, G Hannelius, Stefanie Scott, Jack Griffo, Garrett Clayton, and Spencer Boldman.

Did the show Jessie win any awards?

Jessie won a BAFTA in the Kid’s Vote – Television category in 2013. In 2012, the Young Artist Award was given to Karan Brar who played Ravi Ross in Jessie.

Jessie won the British Academy Children’s Awards in the category Kid’s Vote – Television in 2014. In 2015, J. J. Totah (now Josie Totah) won the Young Artist Award in the category ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series’.

Which episode is the most-watched in Jessie?

‘Star Wars’ was the most-watched episode. It aired on January 6th, 2012, and had more than 7 million viewers. It is the ninth episode in season 1 of Jessie.

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