Im Soo Hyang is a beautiful Korean actress. But did she get plastic surgery done? And who is her hot boyfriend?

Are the rumours of her love affair with her co-star, true? Let’s find out below with pictures.

Im Soo Hyang Profile

  • Birthday : 19th April, 1990
  • Birthplace : Busan
  • Height : 169 cms
  • Weight : 49KGs
  • Blood Type : B
  • Family – Parents & Two brothers who are 10 years apart

How she was identified as a potential actress makes for an interesting story. When she was in junior high and walking in the street, a modelling scout gives her a business card and asks her to do a camera test. That’s how her journey started.

As she had already decided to study in the U.S., she was completing her schooling in the United States.

She had a tough time adjusting to life in the United States and she desperately wanted to become an actress. She decided to go back to Japan and pursue her career in acting without the knowledge of her parents.

Her parents did not approve of her becoming an actress, but they allowed her to join an art school.

Post that she enrolled herself in Chuo university which had a Theater & Film Course. Shortly after that her journey began as an actress at the age of 19 when she got a small role in a movie.

In 2011, she had her breakthrough role in Tales of Gisaeng. This role won her two awards Best New Actress – Television and Female Rookie of the Year award.

She went on to star in Inspiring Generation, Five enough, Lovers in Bloom, Gangnam Beauty, Blow Breeze and more.

Her role in Gangnam Beauty led to her to stratospheric heights as it was considered her role of a lifetime.

She is an acclaimed actress with a wide body of work. She has never had anybody question her acting skills.

But a lot of people gave her a hard time about her looks. Since she was young, many people considered her to be a “Onni” or a woman with a older face or a older woman.

She acknowledges this as well because a lot of people mistook her for an office going person when was just in high school. She takes a lot of effort to look younger.

Many people considered her to be arrogant and difficult to approach. But in reality shows she is Honest, Considerate, Kind and loving. This has won the hearts of many people and hence her popularity.

Im Soo Hyang & Girls Generation

When you search for Im Soo Hyang, more often than not, you’ll hear about Girls Generation, the KPop group.

This is because Kwon Yu-Ri from Girls generation and Soo Hyang went to college together and are quite close.

Im Soo Hyang’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

There are pictures of Soo Hyang from her graduation ceremony and her current pictures, which don’t have much of a resemblance.

A lot of people think that Soo Hyang got plastic surgery done during her debut itself. In fact, the rumors about her plastic surgery came into the limelight because of her role in Gangnam beauty, which is about a woman who has undergone plastic surgery.

Im Soo Hyang’s Boyfriend & Dating Life

She has been quiet about her personal and dating life. She was rumored to have been dating Sung Hoon, who was her costar in New Tales of Gisaeng.

He had commented at that time saying “I was very happy during the two hours of filming the kissing scene with Im Soo Hyang. I saw her as a woman and wanted to dat her “

It seems she didn’t reciprocate his feelings and it was just a one-sided love. Both of the teamed up again during the shoot of “Five Enough”.

Asked about her dating life. She said

“I have dated some one older to me by 5 years”.

In August 2019, during a TV show, she was asked straight up “Are you dating any one right now?”

She refused to give a straight answer and said we’ll find out gradually if she’s dating somebody or not.

In 2015, she described her ideal man as “Somebody who is cool, sexy, funny and has a great sense of style”.

Im Soo Hyang’s Pictures

im soo hyang wiki
im soo hyang profile
im soo hyang playing golf
im soo hyang pet
im soo hyang pet
Im soo hyang friends with generation girls singer Kwon Yuri
Im Soo Hyang’s Friend Kwon Yuri from Generation Girls
im soo hyang actress pictures
Im soo hyang's rumored boyfriend Sung hoon
Her rumored boyfriend Sung Hoon
im soo hyang actress pictures
im soo hyang actress bio
im soo hyang
Her picture from 2011 which was a throwback

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