Is Twice Nayeon’s discomfort in the leg due to an accident? Compare her present and past pictures to know if she had plastic surgery on her nose. Find out all about Nayeon here!

In 2015, the famed South Korean singer Im Nayeon participated in a reality television show titled Sixteen and following that, she became a member of Twice, the South Korean Girl Group formed by JYP Entertainment.  

Twice debuted in Korea in 2015, formed under the television program Sixteen. Here I introduce you to its oldest member, Nayeon, who is also considered the face of the group.

She often wobbles while walking and at times falls on the stage during performances. Is this due to an accident she faced as a child?

Also, if you compare her past and recent pictures, it looks like she has undergone plastic surgery on her nose. – Did Nayeon really get a nose job? 

Find out all the interesting details about Nayeon’s life below!

Nayeon poses cutely for a photograph

Im Nayeon Profile

Real name: Im Nayeon

Born on September 22, 1995

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height and Weight: 163cm, 48kg

Family: Parents and a sister younger to her by three years Im Seo-yoon

Occupation: Singer

Genre: K-pop, J-pop

Year of debut: 2015

Popular Labels: JYP, Warner Japan, Republic

Associated Acts: Twice, JYP Nation

Very little is known about Nayeon’s sister Seo-yoon. All we know of her is her name and that Nayeon attended yoon’s graduation. 

However, Nayeon’s mother has shared a picture on her Insta page with a caption, “I love you both,” causing Nayeon’s fans to conclude that the one seen with her must be Seo-yoon.

Nayeon with her younger sister Seo-yoon

Twice was formed with nine members including Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo, Mina, and Tzuyu.

Each of the Twice members has something special about them. For instance, Tzuyu is admired for her beauty; Jihyo has a mesmerizing voice; Momo’s dance is captivating; Dahyun is good at a variety of talents; Sana looks so cute, Chaeyeon is best at rapping, and Mina’s gracefulness is praised. 

Nayeon may not be the best in any of these areas, but she is recognized as the real face of the South Korean girl group because of her all-around ability. PD Park Jin-young too appreciates this in her. He has spoken highly about Nayeon after awarding her the topmost score in the last episode of Sixteen. 

After selecting Nayeon as the first member of SIXTEEN in the last episode, he said, “Having a member like Nayeon is a great help to the producers.” All the music videos for the title song released so far begin with a close-up of Nayeon, making her the heart and face of the group.

Early Life of Im Nayeon

When she was a child, Nayeon was scouted by JYP officials when she participated in a “children’s modelling competition,” but her mother objected to it saying she was too young to enter the show business and so the offer was dropped. 

In 2010, when she was just 15 years old, Nayeon took the audition for JYP’s 7th open recruitment period without telling her family. She came as overall second in the audition and joined JYP as a trainee.

In 2013, there were efforts to cast Nayeon as a part of a six member group thanks to her beauty and ability. Though Nayeon was selected as a member of JYP’s next girl group, 6MIX (Six Mix), the members suddenly quit amidst the Sewol ship sinking tragedy and her debut project was scrapped.

Nayeon appeared in the second episode of Korean drama Dream High 2 released by KBS2 in 2012.

Music video performed in April 2011 when Nayeon was 15 years old

Music video in 2014 when Nayeon was 18 years old.

She was a member of the “Triple Crown Winner” grabbing the second place of the overall audition, the President’s Award of Seoul Comprehensive Arts Academy, and the Splice Star Award.

Her popularity during the initial years of her career was such that the idol became a household name in South Korea’s entertainment industry very early in her life.

Thanks to a considerable push JYP gave her career, Nayeon could appear in the company’s numerous music videos and CFs before her debut. This background helped her land the most illustrious career.

Im Nayeon’s Time With The SIXTEEN

In 2015, Nayeon participated in ‘SIXTEEN‘, an audition program in which 16 JYP trainees took part. 

The show followed the 16 trainees as they overcame various missions and made their debut as members of TWICE in the final round, which included a popularity vote by viewers. 

The show was extremely popular, especially among middle and high school students.

Producer PD Park Jin-young said after the guerrilla concert mission, “Now Nayeon is reliable. She supports our center of gravity and leads our team.” He commented, “I can rely on Nayeon to support my center of gravity and lead the team.’’ It was apparent that he depended on her a lot for building the group’s brand image. 

As the oldest member of SIXTEEN, she was leading the other members like a leader, comforting them, and being very dependable.

Twice members cheer up reaching 300 million views

Even before the final results were announced, she was almost certain to become a member of TWICE, and as expected, she became the first confirmed member, debuting as TWICE in 2015.

In October 2015, Nayeon’s official debut as a TWICE member happened with The Story Begins, the group’s first extended play. In 2017, Nayeon was chosen as South Korea’s sixth most popular idol in the Gallup Korea‘s annual music poll. She was ahead of everyone in her band. 

She was once again ranked in the sixth place in the 2018 poll too when she received 6.7% votes. In 2019, she bagged 8.2% votes and was ranked in the fifth place. In a 2019 survey involving soldiers in South Korea’s mandatory military service, Nayeon was ranked as the 8th most popular female K-pop idol.

A pretty picture of Nayeon

Why does Nayeon often wobble, slip or fall on the stage?

Nayeon is often seen wobbling on her feet and at times slipping or falling down. However, many viewers find this a cute addition to her performance on the stage. .

Here is a video of Nayeon wobbling on her feet.

However, when a fan asked about it while taking her autograph, and the reason became clear.

The person asked while getting an autograph, “Were your legs strong earlier?”

Nayeon replied, “I met with a car accident when I was a kid, which weakened my left leg. I am thankful that I can walk now.” Nevertheless, this was told privately to a fan at an autograph signing and was not officially announced.

This news became viral on the Internet, and many encouraging comments were recorded by her fans from all over the world such as “I didn’t think there was such a reason,” and “I want to support her more and more.”

Did Nayeon Get A Nose Job?

Nayeon is popular for her gorgeous and eye-catching cuteness.

The Korean internet is divided into two camps: those who insist that Nayeon has undergone a plastic surgery for her nose and those who insist that she has not.

Look at some of these pictures in her different years to verify if there is a difference with her nose and to presume if she has undergone plastic surgery. 

This is Nayeon at the age of 15. You can see that she was beautiful from a very young age, but look at her nose closely to check if it resembles hers on the latest pictures.

Nayeon’s picture at the age of 15

The following videos – an earlier one followed by a newer one – are for your reference to know the difference – what has happened with her nose.

A capture of the Wii CF where Nayeon’s nose looks slightly different than it was earlier
This is 2010 when she was 15 years old and she has a more straight nose
Nayeon’s recent picture – look at her nose closely

The line from her forehead to her nose looks different in Nayeon’s pictures of early years from how it looks today.

I think she had a well-defined and cute face from her childhood because she was often chosen to participate in children’s modelling competitions. 

Her nose looks different in her past pictures and so we have reasons to say she must have undergone plastic surgery. However, this is only an assumption as there is no evidence to validate this idea.

 Nayeon on Instagram

On her Instagram account, Nayeon has posted a collection of her interesting pictures.

An apple of the eyes on the stage
Beauty wrapped up in her winter outfit
Nayeon as a baby posted on her mom’s Insta account
Nayeon gulping ice cubes in a program
Nayeon in Louis Vuitton
Nayeon in one of her best looks clad in red
Nayeon looks as though she is born for this outfit
Nayeon looks cute during a short nap
Nayeon relishing her favorite snack
Nayeon with Jeongyeon on her birthday
Nayeon’s much loved posture
Oh beauty princess you can never scare 


Nayeon always has a cute and expressive smile and gives the impression of being energetic and lively, so it was a shock to learn that she has a posterior leg injury.

Among the cute members of the group, Nayeon is the one that catches one’s eye…she has such an appeal that attracts people. In due course, we can expect her to command worldwide popularity through her beauty and performance.

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