If You Love The Office, You’ll Love These 10 Shows!

The Office

No matter how many times we binge watch The Office, we are always left wanting more. It is a show that was filled with laughter and sweet moments. It can be hard to find a show to top or even compete with The Office. Hopefully, we will be able to give you something to fill the void that we were left with after we were finally done with the series.

Workplace Comedies

One of the things that made The Office so enjoyable was its relatability. We could make connections to what it’s like to be them because we understood the goofy and hectic workplace dynamic our favorite characters endured.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Office
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | NBCUniversal Television, 2013

Andy Samberg stars in this hilarious police sitcom in Brooklyn that revolves around a group of detectives. We have Jake, the immature goofball; Amy, the anxious and intelligent goody-two-shoes; Rosa, the closed-off badass; and more engaging characters throughout the series. You will find someone to love and connect with throughout this wacky police comedy. Take a look at our latest Bae Watch on Rosa, if you want to know more about the closed-off badass.

2. 30 Rock

The Office
30 Rock | NBCUniversal Television, 2003

Ever wonder what its like to work on sketch show like Saturday Night Live? Well, 30 Rock gives us insight into the crazy ongoings of what its like to work backstage on a hilarious show, but with the pressure of having to deal with network executives and with a wacky and diverse set of writers.

3. Parks and Recreation

The Office
Parks and Recreation | NBCUniversal Television, 2009

What do you get when you get an overzealous park and recreation worker and a reluctant workplace? You get a lot of messy problems between a group of coworkers trying to help their friend even though technically it’s their job. Amy Poehler stars as a lovable workaholic who is astounding at what she does but works just as hard to love her friend as she does everything else.

4. Superstore

The Office
Superstore | NBCUniversal Television, 2015

If anyone has ever done a good job illustrating the horror stories and companionship with your coworkers that you get from working at any job, it’s Superstore. This is an all too real sitcom following the everyday proceedings of a fictitious big-box store. Superstore will remind you that sometimes the friendships at work make working worth it.

Lovable Main Characters

Something that made The Office so lovable was our boss, Michael Scott. The following shows are shows you will love because of the stars of the show.

5. New Girl

Jess Day is our ray of sunshine personified in this show. Her biggest flaw is failing to mature and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Trying to bring out the best of the new best friends that are her new all guy roommates is a mission and a half. A mission that gives us smiles and memorable scenes all the way through.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It is always so nice to hear about people being rescued. However, what if the person who’s been rescued has been literally living under a rock 15 years? How will she get used to today’s world after only being exposed to the year 2000? Only time will tell what Kimmy is going to do to figure out how her life fits in this crazy modern age.

7. The Last O.G.

After serving fifteen long years, Tray Barker comes home from prison to see that he now has to face one of his toughest struggles yet: GENTRIFICATION. Tray is trying to get his ex-girlfriend back and trying to figure out what the heck happened to his beloved Brooklyn.

All-Around Funny Shows

Maybe you aren’t looking for anything in particular. Maybe you want to get a proper laugh in during the entire time you watch the show as we did during The Office. Don’t worry we have you covered there too!

8. The Good Place

The Office

What happens after someone passes anyhow? The Good Place is a show that thinks that we end up in a neighborhood perfectly fit for our taste. Sounds great, right? But what if your ideal place isn’t your place at all? There is a slip-up and Eleanor is not the Eleanor that is supposed to end up in a Good Place. How is she going to deal trying to pretend to be a perfect fit?

9. Arrested Development

The Office
Arrested Development | Netflix, 2013

Trying to be a good role model to your son can be hard. Trying to be a good role model while also trying to keep your family together makes it a whole lot tougher. Michael Buth is the only one with his head on straight in this show of a wealthy family trying to figure out how to deal with even the slightest discomforts of life.

10. Jane the Virgin

What if I told you there is was a telenovela that made fun of telenovelas but still had telenovela worthy drama? Jane the Virgin is about a sweet aspiring writer who had been saving herself for marriage. However, our sweet writer accidentally gets in by her doctor who just happens to be her new boss’ sister. Juicy gossip with comedic undertone is what you get from this show.

Have A Good-Binge With Shows Similar To The Office!

Hopefully, the shows on this list do a great job filling your bingeing needs! Don’t be afraid to take a shot at these because a great man once said:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

– Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott.

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