‘Idiotest’ Presents the Ultimate Star Trek vs Star Wars Battle


Star Wars vs Star Trek

GSN‘s game show IDIOTEST will try to bury the ultimate sci-fi debate once and for all on their new episode premiering on June 10th. 

Star Trek and Star Wars fans will compete in a special episode of IDIOTEST hosted by Ben Gleib. Star Wars fanboys and twins Allen and Aaron Benningfield will face-off against Trekkers Shawnette Sulker and Jazmine Applin to decide once and for all which franchise is truly superior. 

Ben Gleib will be quizzing contestants with increasingly difficult brain teaser puzzles to determine which team of two are true “idiots” who will get the $10,000 prize.


Make sure to tune in on June 10th at 8:00 p.m ET/PT! 


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