Joe Kelly’s work of I Kill Giants with the assistance of JM Ken Niimura brings a child’s imagination to a whole new level. Barbara, a young quirky girl is a warrior who slays giants to protect those she loves. She has a big heart but has a difficult time opening up to people.

One will find her going on adventures, narrating to herself out loud about slaying giants. She always tends to have a plan to prevent the giants from gobbling her up or destroying her town. Barbara is fearless. She will do anything to get these giants to go away permanently.

I Kill Giants, Image Comics

She’s a scrawny little thing but she doesn’t let that hold her back. Although one room terrifies her to death.

Barbara In I Kill Giants Is A Strong Main Character

Barbara carries around little trinkets she made herself or found along her travels to help defeat the ravishing beasts. One of them being Coveleski, but it can only be used once leaving Barbara to threaten to use it in the utmost dire situations. Coveleski is Barbara’s secret weapon. Something to fall back on when she’s in absolute danger.

I Kill Giants, Image Comics

Barbara is considered a loner “the weird girl” that the other kids avoid. One a day a girl who just moved there named Sophia befriends Barbara and learns all about how terrible giants really are.

Sophia is hesitant to the idea but plays along with Barbara and their friendship goes from feeling a tad rocky to flourishing. Teaching the reader not all friendships start out perfect but you can always start again after talking it out.

Barbara Is Saving The Day

The book frames the story to trick the reader in a way to believe these giants exist. Everyone else except Barbara is crazy and there is something in that one room that terrifies both Barbara and the reader.

I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants, Image Comics

The room is a metaphor for one’s worst fear. Niimura’s illustrations are mysterious and alluring. The reader wants to believe this young girl is saving the day. The art style gives off this crazy anime vibe and its hard to look away.

Barbara’s Growth In I Kill Giants

Once the reader understands Barbara’s line of thinking.  She defeats the giants and protects her town from them. Her mother’s illness will disperse. Unfortunately, her mother is slowly dying. She avoids dealing with grief over her mother’s condition and fights against it instead.

She tries to be prepared for every circumstance and having a difficult time understanding that sometimes things happen for no reason. Life does some crazy things without any explanation and we all just continue to live our lives not knowing what will happen.

 No one is ever prepared for a parent passing, its one of those things that life does to people and we just sort of fight it, accept it and deal with it. Sometimes not in that order. Regardless of this story, cinematic or book, has a great message for all ages of having to deal with grief and whatever life throws at us. We may think we are invincible, but we are only human.

A Film Adaptation For I Kill Giants

There was a film made based on the book in 2017 directed by Anders Walter, those who created Big Hero 6 and produced the Harry Potter cinematic series.

I Kill Giants
I Kill Giants film poster – XYZ Films 2018

The production focused on the bigger part of the picture than the rising climax, so one could engulf themselves in the girl’s creative imagination. The movie focuses on people finding out about Barbara’s mother being ill and trying to help Barbara.

Why You Should Read I Kill Giants

Be sure to check out I Kill Giants for all it has to offer. A guaranteed story you have never heard of before, if you have ever found yourself as an outsider or found it difficult to make friends. I could say its a simple story about a young girl who fights imaginary monsters to distract her from figuring out her feelings, but this book is more than meets the eye.