Australian fandom web series i can’t even brings back the fangirling madness with its second season.

“One apartment, two friends, and an exponential number of fandoms to argue about”

Are you in a fandom? Are you also in need of more web series to watch? Then you are missing out if you haven’t watched i can’t even. yet. Created by Hayley and Alyce Adams, this comedy series follows Em and Lex, a couple of flatmates who fangirl together 24/7. Will you be able to understand all references?

Season 2 features six new episodes with yet more ridiculous situations between these two friends. These situations include “an attempted zombie decapitation, a solemn vow to speak only in Dothraki, trying to eat like the Gilmore Girls, and the staking of Edward Cullen,” and much more.

You can already enjoy all the episodes of Season 2 on their Youtube channel. The channel also features a separate playlist with behind-the-scenes footage.

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