Like all great things, i can’t even. came and went in the blink of an eye, leaving us longing for more content. Thankfully, it looks like Santa came early this year and blessed us with a new episode! The Christmas special remains true to the central theme of the web series, and is perfect for adding a dash of holiday cheer to your day.

The webisode opened with Em and Lex (but mostly Em) decorating their fandom-tastic Christmas tree – complete with Funko Pop!s and a Darth Vader keyring. The two discussed who they’d most like to meet under the mistletoe, and the conversation quickly turned to Doctor Who. Em seemed all too happy to leave her life behind in order to become the Doctor’s companion, much to Lex’s chagrin.

Although their conversation was entirely hypothetical, it revealed a lot about the girls’ friendship. We’ve seen throughout the series that Em is the zen force in Lex’s life, but ‘The Doctor’s New Companion’ showcased the extent to which Lex relies on her best friend. She’s always been the more carefree of the two, but she also harbours insecurities about being left behind. Highlighting Lex’s vulnerable side worked wonders to flesh out her personality. Most shows take seasons upon seasons to develop their characters, but i can’t even. does it masterfully in the span of four minutes.

The duo resolved their conflict by the end of the episode, sharing a heartfelt moment that gave me a case of the warm fuzzies (props for that excellent Edward Cullen metaphor). All in all, the Christmas special was an adorable ending to i can’t even. – or the perfect transition into Season 2 should the series continue.