i can't even

‘i can’t even.’: A Tale of Fandoms and Friendship

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What’s better than a web series about two die-hard fangirls? An Australian web series about two die-hard fangirls.

Fandom culture is something that is rarely – if ever – represented in Australian media. Which is why I was beyond excited when I heard about i can’t even. Finally, there was a series that portrayed my country without any mention of beaches, barbecues, or bikinis (the three Bs that this nation holds so dear). Needless to say, I was hooked from the very start.

Created by twin sisters Hayley and Alyce Adams, i can’t even. is a sketch comedy centred on the adventures of best friends Em (Louise Cox) and Lex (Tiana Hogben). Sharing an apartment means that the girls can geek out together 24/7, and the situations that ensue are utterly hilarious. The series consists of six episodes, each focused on a different fandom, which provide glimpses into the insanity that is the girls’ life. The bite-sized episodes range from three to six minutes in length, making them perfect for binge-watching.

One of the many things I loved about i can’t even. was the relationship between the protagonists. Em’s shyness was instantly likeable, as was Lex’s brash, outgoing nature. The duo’s yin-and-yang dynamic worked well to generate humour. Cox and Hogben shone in their roles, bringing the characters to life by portraying all their quirks. The banter between the two was effortless, and every interaction was so packed with personality that there was never a dull moment.

The series is an unashamed and realistic portrayal of fandom life, covering everything from slash fiction to conventions. This made each of Em and Lex’s predicaments endlessly relatable. Falling down the rabbit hole of fan fiction; arguing over movie X versus movie Y; liking a series that people love to hate…these are things that we’ve all experienced at some point. In celebrating the nerdiest aspects of fandom, i can’t even. unites fans everywhere through their common experiences.

And last, but most definitely not least: it’s so damn quotable! Each episode is rife with punchy dialogue and witty one-liners. Some of my personal favourites are gems such as ‘Your life would struggle to get a PG rating’ and ‘I didn’t wait this long to get sorted into Hufflepuff’. Given the series’ subject matter, it isn’t surprising that there are a plethora of brilliant references. This includes an entire segment dedicated to Peeta Mellark puns – and it is amazing.

Short and sweet, i can’t even. is a refreshing take on the inner lives of fangirls. This web series is an appreciation of all things fandom, and a must-watch for pop culture enthusiasts.