There are things that go bump in the night in Riverdale and the only advice given is to run away as fast as you can. The series Jughead: The Hunger changes some known Archie characters from wholesome teens to supernatural creatures of the night.

Riverdale has dealt with many issues, but they have never taken on a gruesome murder like the “Riverdale Ripper.” This series has been jaw-dropping since the original one-shot issue and has kept that momentum going. After seven issues this series has given fans a break from the action.

Issue eight focuses on how the town is dealing with the aftermath of unmasking the “Riverdale Ripper.” This issue not only recaps some of the story, but furthers the narrative along to hint at what new storylines are coming. As this issue transitions to a new story and a recent release of the graphic novel, this is the perfect time to not only review issue eight but also review the series up to this point.

Going Further…


Spoilers to come of all issues of Jughead: The Hunger. Beware!

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #4

Apologizing in advance, but this review will have a lot of spoilers. Also, I would urge everyone to read this fantastic series before reading this spoiler review. If you would like to read earlier reviews on the series you can find them here and here. These reviews focus on the one-shot and issue two of the series. Now, let’s get started!

Jughead: The Hunger: A Summary

As comic readers can guess by the title of this series Ms. Grundy is the werewolf on the cover. Just kidding, this series is about Jughead Jones dealing with his whole world turning upside down. Not only is he turning into a Werewolf and murdering people, but his two best friends Betty and Archie are trying to stop him from becoming a Werewolf.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The HungerIssue #3

Through this story, it is revealed that everyone in the Jones’ family tree is a werewolf and the Coopers have always hunted them down. With many close calls on catching Jughead, Archie always stops Betty from killing Jug.

This changes when Archie protects Betty by shooting Jughead before he escapes. With this traumatic event, he decides to leave Betty to have a normal life. Until he is dragged back in when Jughead needs help saving his kidnapped younger sister.

Where Are Veronica & Reggie?

Everyone may be wondering where are Veronica and Reggie in this story? Well, believed to be dead Reggie Mantle actually becomes a werewolf and behind the scenes, he attacks people and creates his own werewolf team.

It consists of – Mr. Weatherbee, Veronica, Cheryl, and Moose. Reggie is creating a pack to kill Jughead for being the “Riverdale Ripper.” He devises a plan to kidnap Jellybean to lure jughead into a death trap.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead the Hunger Issue #3

After a punch in the face, Betty decides to help Jughead. After a dangerous fight and help from a task force sent by Betty’s mysterious aunt Elena, almost all of Reggie’s pack is dead. The only one to escape badly injured was Veronica. Betty decides to take full responsibility for Jughead if he becomes a murderer again. The next day Betty’s mom puts in the papers that the “Riverdale Ripper” was both Veronica and Reggie.

Everything ends with Jughead tucking in with his sister praying that she will never turn into a werewolf. Right when he leaves though she transforms into a werewolf.

Jughead: The Hunger #8: A Summary

This issue opens with a flashback to the witch trials and three women about to be burned. One turns out to be a Jones and as she is about to die she transforms into a werewolf. It then cuts to modern day were a local tv station is doing a expose on the “Riverdale Rippers” and the history of Werewolves in Riverdale.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #8

The host of the television show interviews Archie, Jughead, and his sister Jellybean on the aftermath of finding out their friends killed so many people. The host then interviews Hiram Lodge about the murders, as well. He tells her that he will use all the resources he can to exonerate Veronica. The Host later ends the issue saying that it is time for Riverdale to know the truth.

Do We Have New Questions?

Jughead: The Hunger #8 was a great issue for this series. It not only showed a different perspective on the Riverdale lore but furthered the story. As some aftermath issues just patch up loose ends of an arc, this issues shows the aftermath will not be so easy to fix. It also shows that this story is far from over and you need to get ready for the next chapter.

It’s interesting that werewolves are a historical thing in this world.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #8

This leads to new questions, now, about how is there are no other werewolves in Riverdale other than the Jones’? Not all of them could have died in the 1980’s. Also, this issue reveals Hiram is buying a television station for information and this host is looking for answers just the same.

This could mean these two characters may work together in the future. There are so many new questions left unanswered and that is what makes a good issue for a long-running series. It also makes it a good series when you can’t wait to find out what happens next.

This Is Another Hit

The Hunger is another hit for the Archie Madhouse line. There is always a slight doubt when hearing about beloved characters being changed, but this works. The series uses the personalities established in characters and just adds to it. By doing this everyone can just jump right into this book.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #5

Even if readers barely know about the legacy of these characters, this story has great character development. The art by Pat & Tim Kennedy and Joe Eisma is done so well. There is dynamic artwork when action is occurring, and then softer work when all the action is focused on the writing.

Furthermore, the writing by Frank Tieri is done so well. This series takes a serious tone throughout, but at points, there is a joke and it fits perfectly. The world building, the characters, and the story are fascinating.

Wait… Jellybean?

One problem that may be more personal – for Jughead – is the general reveal of Jellybean. Jellybean has been a side character and she’s innocent in all of this mess. She is trying to understand whats going on with her family and the world around her.

Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #6

When she gets kidnapped she is terrified and freaking out while a dead body is thrown at her. Now that she is taken into the care of Betty, and her family it would have worked to have her be the little girl having to deal with everything. Like it’s a lot on a child’s plate to have to keep that secret.

Just when she is revealed to be a werewolf is when things appeared to get odd. Like everything was an act, she has more plans, and she’s going to be a villain. It’s just a bit off to think of the character in the story that was innocent quickly turn dark. Still, the writer of this series has done very well and this reveal may very well be a good thing. As he has changed these characters for the better, Jellybean could actually become a fan-favorite.

Hungry For More Jughead: The Hunger

Lastly, Jughead: The Hunger is worth a read. If you are a horror fan like myself, love Archie comics, or want something action-packed this book is for you. I was, as well as many others, a bit iffy on the idea of Jughead as a werewolf. I heard good things about the one-shot and couldn’t find it anywhere. On vacation, I found it in New York and I fell in love.

Eight issues in and it’s still fantastic.

Jughead: The Hunger
Credit: Archie Comics, Jughead: The Hunger Issue #7

The story and art are both good; it makes me ask questions, it can make me laugh, and it stars my three favorite Archie characters as the lead. This was something I never knew I needed in my life, but Jughead as a werewolf is marvelous. I can’t wait to reread this every time I need a comic horror fix.

I can’t wait to see where this new arc is heading. The new storyline of this series seems very interesting and I know it will make readers hungry for more. Are you ready to dive into Archie Mad House?

Jughead: The Hunger by Frank Tieri, Pat & Tim Kennedy, and Joe Eisma
9.6Werewolf Claws
Wolf Howls8.9