‘Who’s Dead?’ answers exactly that, and leaves viewers more anxious than ever for the show’s return.

Spoilers! (BIG spoilers)

Well, they played us BIG time.

“Expect the unexpected” could be How to Get Away with Murder‘s tagline at this point. While Season 2’s mid-season finale explained everything that happened and only left us with the mystery of Christophe, ‘Who’s Dead?’ revealed who’s under the sheets and… that’s all. In fact, the fire accident only took the second half of the episode, and there were about two minutes in which nothing really exciting was happening as most of it had already been shown in the flashforwards. Therefore, the final minutes of the episode could only be either disappointing and predictable (Nate being dead), or utterly shocking and devastating (Wes). Of course, they went with the latter.

While Season 2 felt more like a separate storyline, so far Season 3 is a lot more reminiscent to Season 1. This is the point where everything culminates. The Keating 5 had long realized that all of this lying and getting away with murder couldn’t go on forever, but this is the final wake-up call Annalise needed. After all, Wes (Christophe, the student she treasured so much….) is dead, and mainly because of her (or not, kinda. We’ll see). ‘Who’s Dead?’ is also very similar to the events that took place in the bonfire night from Season 1 (aside from the fact that there’s a party and many of them are drunk). Oliver, who’s the one to bring up the bonfire, has started doing some investigation of his own and has started connecting all the dots. Furthermore, Rebbeca, whose storyline lacked a proper closure, is also mentioned when the DA offers Wes to help in the investigation against Annalise in exchange for immunity.

Annalise had a surprisingly minor role in this finale. Even if she had as much screen-time as usual, most of it was just her being depressed and failing to stay sober. At this point it’s understandable – does she even have any strength left? Whatever role she played during the fire accident is still unknown and something that will have to wait to find out.

Who's Dead? - How to get away with murder
Something that seemed to be a bit out of place was the introduction of Michaela’s mom. While learning more from Michaela’s upbringing is more than welcome, it didn’t really have any connection to the events that take place in the episode. I’m a bit curious to see if she actually had some influence in the outcome of the accident, or if she’s just going to be a part of a subplot for the next half of the season. There are some other things that have been set up for the remaining of the season: Connor and Oliver’s relationship is still up in the air, but we can expect Oliver to have a bigger (especially with Wes’ absence…). There’s also other things like Laurel’s baby or Frank’s role in all this, as well as in the future.

We obvoiusly cannot forget the many questions that we still have from this dreadful night, some of them being…

  • Who’s the snitch if not Wes? (Connor?)
  • What’s Atwood and Nate’s role in all of this?
  • Why did Annalise want to gather everyone at her house?
  • What was in the phone?
  • What happened during the missing hours, and basically, how did Wes die?

While still providing some answers, the returns of How to Get Away with Murder after a mid-season finale are usually not that intense. This season could be an exception. The series somehow keeps managing to raise the stakes with each season, and still surprise fans every time, no matter how over-the-top every finale is. For now, they have had the guts to kill one the main characters. We’s backstory had already been done, and he wasn’t adding much to the plot anymore. There is, however, still some questions, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from Alfred Enoch, even if it’s only in flashbacks.