After many weeks of confusing flashbacks, we finally get the answers on what really happened in the past with Annalise, Wes and Rose. ‘Something Bad Happened’ is a solid episode that brings back the show’s intensity without overwhelming the audience with countless plot threads.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It’s really no surprise that How to Get Away with Murder is toning it down with the case of the week formula. The story has grown so much that there’s barely any room for anything else at this point. ‘Something Bad Happened’ is an example of how much the show insists on dwelling in the past, from Laurel and Frank discussing the events that happened last season like Lila and Rebeca’s death, to Wes researching what happened 10 years ago with his mother.

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Laurel is having a big role to play in this second half. She is currently the only member of the Keating 5 to know about Frank being Lila’s killer and she is the one who convinces Annalise to help Wes even after he has dismissed her. In fact, Wes seems to be alienating himself from everyone lately. After Annalise told him his real name in the mid-season finale, he has become obsessed with his past and finding out the truth about his mother’s death. Strangely enough, there was no “truth” or plot twist to it as it turned out that Rose really killed herself. Regardless of that, it was quite surprising to learn that Wes actually saw himself as capable of having committed matricide. Let’s be clear, none of the Keating 5 are psychopaths, but out of all them, Wes is the one who always seemed to be more comfortable with committing questionable acts. He was the one to kill Sam and he was the one to raise the gun when shooting Annalise. He is still our puppy, but he’s a messed up puppy and he definitely needs therapy (everyone does at this point).

Us, the viewers, were able to learn a few more things from Annalise’s flashback, though. We saw the re-introduction of Eve, whose only purpose seemed to be to show that she was not happy with Annalise being pregnant with Sam’s baby. While I found their exchange believable, I had a hard time understanding Annalise’s line when she said she is not “gay”. Maybe not a lesbian, but she’s most likely bisexual. Was Annalise just in denial? Or was she lying to push her away?

The episode also featured a very smart trick with the search warrant, which tied with Annalise’s previous quote “call it unethical or illegal, I just call it smart“. It’s just another reason why we love this show so much, even if it often lingers on being ridiculous and unrealistic.

Still, the best part of the episode didn’t come until the last few minutes with the typical music montage the show uses for end of the episode-revelations. On one hand, we learn that Annalise did not call 911 when Rose died and, on the other, Philip was hiding in Wes’ apartment and is now attacking Annalise while Wes is out with Eve. There’s only two episodes left of this season and quite a few balls in the air, mainly: Philip, Wes’ mental state and Laurel knowing about what Frank did. HTGAWM finales don’t disappoint, so we better prepare for some strong emotions!