No More Blood - How to get away with murder

How to Get Away with Murder ‘No More Blood’ Review

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 ‘No More Blood’ is the last episode after the mid-season finale, and it shows.


Frank is back for good, promising not to spill any more blood and even being willing to spill his own only to get Annalise’s forgiveness. That is, if we can really trust him and this is not one big act (at this point, it wouldn’t surprise). Annalise and Bonnie working with Frank to rearrange Charles Mahoney’s alibi is like playing with fire. Frank is unreliable and unpredictable, both for the good and for the bad. It’s true that he’s now proven many times that he wants to come back and be forgiven by Annalise, even telling her that he loves her. However, he should also understand that there’s no way Annalise would take him back knowing that he’s the reason she lost her child in the first place. There’s something about him being so pushy that ticks me off.

Annalise’s ‘no more blood’ comment applies to everyone except for Frank. The last scene of ‘No More Blood’ as she begs him to pull the trigger counts as the most intense moment of this season so far. A lot of it being thanks to the brilliant performances of Viola Davis, Liza Weil and Charlie Weber. It feels redundant to say so at this point, but the acting in this series is truly exceptional and it shows in moments like this. Bonnie is there to provide the typical “revenge will only hurt you in the long run” speech as she tries to warn Frank that this would only hurt Annalise, and that neither of them would be able to survive such a thing. The truth is their lives have already been tainted with enough death and trauma, and adding someone so close to them like Frank would be the last straw. For now, we are left with a cliffhanger leading into next week’s mid-season finale.

Surprisingly enough, we have not even reached the halfway point of the season and Annalise has already invalidated her “we’re good people now” promise. We have seen her do some really twisted things to win cases in court, but having Wes send his innocent brother to jail for killing their father is just something else. Adding Annalise’s comment that she’s “done” in the flashfoward, these are just more signs that the whole getting-away-with-murder thing cannot last for very much longer.

No More Blood - How to get away with murder

The fact that there was so much attention on Coliver when everything else is tied to the main plot made me more suspicious than ever that Connor would be the one under the sheets. It turns out he is under the sheets, but not the ones we were expecting. Out of spite, Connor does what he can to hurt Oliver the most by having sex with Thomas. ‘No More Blood’ is both a win and a lose for shippers, really. Firstly, Connor and Oliver are back together, even if Connor wants to take it slow and keep it casual. He also wants to stay as far away as possible from Annalise and her shenanigans, but that’s something that Oliver can’t do. The whole point of their argument is rooted in the conflict that’s been conditioning their relationship since day one: Connor cannot be completely honest with Oliver, who feels like a comfort blanket to him. It’s not really his fault, but miscommunication and lack of trust are things that are bound to break relationships.

It’s actually a bit strange that Connor has been revealed to be alive right before the mid-season finale. Right now, the only candidates to be under the sheets would be Nate or Frank. Nate would not be as shocking at this point since he’s been having less screen-time lately, but Frank doesn’t make a lot of sense either because Annalise was literally begging him to kill himself in this episode. Some fans are mentioning Wes, speculating that the scene in which he snitches is from before the fire. Someting doesn’t add up, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the writers are misleading us, as usual. There’s many questions in the air now, like who was Bonnie talking to on the phone, why did she lie about not knowing about the existence of the male corpse, or what will happen after Asher picks up Michaela’s phone to speak with her mother. Whatever it is, ‘Who’s Dead?’ promises to be a wild ride!