“It’s About Frank” reveals… pretty much everything about Frank, while still managing to keep an aura of unpredictability to the character. Meanwhile, Annalise keeps sinking to new lows.


Surprisingly, the timeskip that revealed the most in ‘It’s About Frank’ is a flashback from 11 years ago, when Sam took a liking to Frank, who had tried to murder his father. Putting “sociopath” and other labels aside, it’s clear that there’s something wrong with Frank (then again, there’s something wrong with nearly every character in this series). Besides finding out his backstory, we also get a confirmation that he was the one who shot Mahoney. Despite all of this new information… do we really know Frank? His manipulative nature and lack of empathy showed when he left Bonnie without warning after having spent the night with her. Now I want to believe that there was some truth behind his words, and that maybe this is all just a misunderstanding. After all, Bonnie and Frank are a strange couple, but one that somehow makes sense.

Annalise doesn’t just go to group therapy, but she also actively tries to do her homework at home by getting rid of all the alcohol. But then again, beating addiction and getting rid of your coping mechanisms is never easy. Much less in the beginning, and even less when you’re all alone. The flashbacks from when she moved in the house with Sam (which tie into both Frank’s storyline and the flashforward to the house being burnt down) are yet another reminder of how much Annalise has had to endure. It’s really hard for her to be alone with her thoughts and feelings, so she ends up getting drunk and starting her own party. Drunk-call included.

Mamma Mia - How to get away with murder
More focused on exams this week, the Keating 5 end up discovering that Simon (who was gloriously put in his place by Michaela) is the one who put up the posters of Annalise. Or at least that’s the conclusion they reach after they find those files in his laptop. There’s something odd about this plotline, especially considering that it doesn’t seem to have that much to do with the flashforward.

Speaking of which, here are the three things that we learned in this week’s flashforward:

  1. Michaela is alive, and so are all the females because…
  2. The body under the sheets is male
  3. Bonnie is talking to someone on the phone (Frank? … Asher?)

Number 1 is good news, but there’s no escaping the tragedy. Now the potential victims are: Frank (or not – was Bonnie talking to him on the phone?), Nate (would explain Annalise’s reaction and fits the theme of “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone”), Wes (would also explain her reaction, his backstory is complete, and he could still be the father of Laurel’s baby), Connor (doubt it – the red herring is too obvious), Asher (a bit forced, and he already had a big role in last season’s flashback). Bonnie could be talking to either Frank or Asher, but I’m willing to say it was Frank. The most obvious choices to be under the sheets would be Wes or Nate.

Pretty much all mysteries about Frank have been resolved in this one episode, and yet it did not once feel rushed or like it was a big info dump. After all, at this point it was just a matter of filling in the blanks. Frank’s new relationship with Bonnie also brings new context to the flashforward and the speculation game for #whosunderthesheets.