Is Somebody Really Dead?

How to Get Away with Murder ‘Is Somebody Really Dead?’ Review

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Wes is back to being a relevant piece in the story, and it happens in the worst possible way. The blame and tension among characters keeps rising as we approach the dreadful night.


The events from last season’s finale involving Mahoney being shot had been on stand by for a while now. It almost felt like a ticking bomb waiting to go off, and it finally does in ‘Is Somebody Really Dead?’ when Bonnie announces that she recorded Frank’s confession. This fact spikes a lot of discussion because, on one side, Wes is just done and wants to go to the police to protect himself, but on the other, Annalise knows that if they do this, Frank will get revenge by telling the police everything regarding Sam. It’s a conflict that shows just how messy everything has become throughout the seasons, and how there’s no safe solution that will protect everyone, while still keeping a clean conscience.

The majority of these conflicts are born from recklessness and committing mistakes in tense situations, but it also has a lot to do with lack of communication. Even if Bonnie’s line about the Keating 5 not knowing what really goes on in this house seems a bit off at this point, it’s true that everyone is keeping secrets from each other, and there’s still many things the K5 don’t know. Annalise has realized this and has started taking some steps towards the right direction. For starters, she reveals to Wes that Frank is the one responsible for the loss of her baby, and that she wants him locked up as much as he does. Annalise continues caring for Wes because it was a way for her to deal and to feel like a good person. This fits with this season’s “we’re good people” theme (which Annalise repeats in this episode), and even with her new attitude after she gets her license back. She knows she can’t make any more mistakes, so she does everything she can to prove that she’s doing the right thing in court. The will to change is there, but unfortunately, she cannot commit a second strike, and we already know that’s not likely in this series.

Is Somebody Really Dead? - How to Get Away with Murder

All that aside, everything else in ‘Is Somebody Really Dead?’ has to do with the relationships among the characters and how that could affect the scenario for the flashforward. Surprisingly, some of it could have to do with guilt, fear, and hatred. Unsurprisingly, a lot of it also has to do with romance and sex. For starters, Michaela and Asher are finally a thing. And I’m actually glad they took their time with it. I don’t remember seeing Asher being so honest, or Michaela being so vulnerable, and the fact that they showed those sides of themselves to each other already speaks volumes of the potential of this relationship. It’s probably the one relationship that I’m the most excited about, and it’s going to be interesting how they balance each other, as one is always so goofy, while the other is so uptight. Also, we find out that Asher is safe from the fire, so hopefully this is a relationship that will carry on after the mid-season finale.

The other relationship being confirmed (for a second time) is Wes and Laurel (and I guess we’re supposed to assume that’s when she got pregnant). It actually happens right after Wes breaks up with Meggy to protect her, and after he breaks the recorder containing Frank’s confession. And it was the right thing to do because Frank actually did some “arrangements” so that Charles Mahoney, Wallace’s other son, was held as a suspect for the murder, proving that he does want to be forgiven. That is, after having us a good minute on the edge of our seats believing Wes had turned himself in after everyone was blaming him for everything. This show just loves throwing curveball after curveball.

Finally, there’s Connor, who doesn’t like the fact that Oliver is seeing someone else (should we be suspicious of that new guy?). Connor has been a source of worry since that moment with Annalise from last season. He’s always been the one who wants out of this life, and the one who doesn’t buy any of Annalise’s words. It’s clear that he also sees her as the cause of his break up with Oliver, something that he’s really struggling with even if he doesn’t like showing it. In this episode, he also had some crude words for Wes, and even threatened to kill him if he mentioned his name to the police.

So who is it going to be? It’s starting to seem like this was all a plan by Annalise (hence the need for Oliver to hack the phone), which would mean that she was acting when she saw who’s under the sheets. Or maybe she wanted to off someone, and another person died instead. Either way, we still have even less of a clue as to who could it be. However, after this episode, all the signs seem to be pointing at either Connor or Wes.