Annalise’s alcoholism finally gets addressed in ‘Don’t Tell Annalise’, as she enters yet a new low both for her personal life and her career. Meanwhile, Frank is just chillin’, killin’.


The lack of a main, on-going case like the one we had last season is doing wonders for the show as it makes everything feel less cluttered. If anything, the one on-going storyline this time is related to Frank, a character that we’re already use to since he has been there since the beginning, so the show doesn’t have to waste any time on introducing him.

That is not to say that there’s nothing new to discover about Frank, though. He’s always been the most mysterious character of the series, and there’s a reason for that. This time Laurel finds out that Annalise saved Frank from prison, just as we see Annalise confess to Eve that she’s sent a hitman after him. She says they didn’t discuss anything about killing, but we all know what hitmen are for, and she certainly has more than enough reasons to want him dead. Laurel, who’s seen herself way too involved in all this mess, overhears a conversation between Bonnie and Annalise and discovers that he killed Bonnie’s father in a medical ward. This makes her come clean to Bonnie and apologize for having kept information from them. Bonnie only replies by asking her not to tell Annalise about this for some reason.

Annalise got to take a short break and have some fun in this episode, but it did not last very long. Her relationship and way of living with Nate was already shaky, but getting her license suspended is the last straw that sends her on a downward spiral. Oliver finds out that it was actually a member of the uni board who sent the email with the footage, but there’s not much Annalise can do when facing her boss this time. After drinking some more, she gets into what was definitely the biggest fight she’s had with Nate. And, even though her relationship with Eve is great, it’s not what she would ideally hope for either. Eve has moved on and she’s actually moving to San Francisco with her new girlfriend. Annalise ends up confessing to being an alcoholic and agrees to enter a special program if it allows her to get her license back. Whether she actually believes that she has a drinking problem that she wants to fix or if it’s just a strategy to get her license back is not clear. Either way, it’s the only option she’s got, and it’s nice to see the writers are finally addressing her drinking problems.

Another complicated case for Annalise’s firm, especially since her suspension mid-trial leads to Bonnie having to improvise with a very sweaty and nervous Asher. Bonnie and Asher’s relationship seems to be forever stained with their different experiences with sexual abuse, and so the fact that this case was exactly about that felt a bit forced. Overall, they both got carried away by their emotions, and failed to listen to Tristan’s voice. Tristan wanted his rapist to pay for what she had done, but what was most important to him was that the baby would live a normal life, instead of being born in a prison cell to end up in foster care just like he did.

Don't Tell Annalise - How to Get Away with Murder

One thing I forgot to mention when talking about the show bringing the classes back is the fact that each week features a different character in the spotlight when being chosen to lead a case. The room in which they discuss the cases has the same function as Annalise’s living room did. Except that it’s not only the Keating 5 anymore, but also other students from the course. This gives an opportunity for different character storylines to intertwine, while also featuring other students like Simon.

Speaking of which, Connor doesn’t seem very happy with the fact that Simon’s getting along with Oliver. At the same time, he’s back to having a very active sexual life. Oliver, who’s not following his example because he believes him being positive is a deal-breaker, claims to be OK with Connor’s “activities” as long as he doesn’t rub them in his face. All in all, it seems like they’re getting along, but the feelings are still there, so they’re bound to get jealous every now and then. On the other hand, the love triangle with Laurel, Wes and Meggy continues being boring. Right now, I have to say I’m rooting for Meggy. Not only is she incredibly sweet and made all that effort to prepare Wes’ surprise birthday party (the first one he’s ever had), but Laurel also lost a lot of points by ruining the surprise, while claiming to still have feelings for a psychopath. I like Laurel, but I really wish she would just make up her mind and stop acting on impulse.

It’s only four more episodes until we find out #whosunderthesheets, but this week we actually get an an answer to last week’s mystery. The second person in the house who’s still alive turns out to be Laurel, but that’s not the biggest surprise. The jaw-dropping moment is Meggy, who works there as a nurse, announcing that she’s pregnant. There are now mainly two options as to who the father could be: Frank, or Wes. Is Laurel already pregnant at this point in the story? Does she know about it? Will the baby survive? Again… four more episodes.