More truths start coming out as the snitch is revealed in ‘Call It Mother’s Intuition’, but is it really all there is to it?


“It’s always the quiet ones”. Those words muttered by Annalise might finally become relevant now (that is, if this isn’t all part of her plan in the first place). In this week’s flashforward, we find out that Analise has been charged with arson and first degree murder. The evidence comes from a source that turns out to be Wes (one more character to cross off the ‘Under the Sheets’ list). It had been spelled out to us all season really. For starters, Wes disobeys Annalise’s commands and lies about seeing his step-brother(?) in the Mahoney crime scene (even Laurel who complains about being her puppet keeps following her orders). Secondly, Wes is not only “quiet” because he’s the only one who doesn’t speak his mind to Annalise (“you already know how I feel about you”), but he’s also been surprisingly irrelevant since last season, and has only been there due to his past as Christophe and the Mahoney case. At this point, he’s the one we would expect the least to betray Annalise.

Last week I talked about how this series is built on bad decisions, lies and miscommunication. A lot of repressed feelings and thoughts are spilled out in this episode in a scene that sees the Keating 5 (except for Wes) being brutally honest to Annalise, in a very in-your-face parallel to this week’s case. “We’re not asking you to be perfect, but to be honest”, says Laurel. It’s the lies that bother the Keating 5 the most, but Bonnie also has a point in saying that Annalise’s doing her best, and the Keating 5 are not exempt from fault either. At this point, no one is.

Aside from seeing more footage from the flashforward, each episode also slightly changes the theories on what could have happened due to the way the relationship between the characters keep unfolding. After the very intense and well-acted scene between Bonnie and Frank, it doesn’t seem so likely that she’s talking to him on the phone the night of the fire. Another relationship that has seen a big change this week is Connor and Oliver‘s. After Thomas says that he’s not ready to be with someone who’s positive, Oliver gets drunk and goes back to Connor to tell him he misses him and that he regrets what he did, which ends up on them having sex. So what was really the point of the break up? The only answer that comes to mind is Connor being under the sheets and Oliver feeling really guilty about it, which could somehow end with him becoming a full-time hacker for Annalise. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore now that they’re back… unless Oliver just used Connor for the night and goes back to Thomas next week. I really hope that’s not the case because if Connor somehow died because of something Oliver does, he would be irredeemable in the eyes of the audience. Lastly, Wes and Laurel are in their honeymoon phase, and Wes actually confesses that he loved her since he first saw her (what was Rebecca to him, then?). Shortly after that, Frank shows up at Laurel’s apartment as the cliffhanger for the episode.

Generally, TV shows that want to go with bombastic, jaw-dropping finales with each season end up becoming tiring (Supernatural, Doctor Who…). How to Get Away with Murder is not only maintaining it’s “oh shit” momentum, but it also keeps raising the bar each season. However, this situation might become unsustainable if the series plans to go for quiet a few more seasons. Yes, the series is called How to Get Away with Murder, but there’s just too much conflict among the characters, too many lies and messes that will continue accumulating, and there’s just no way the series can keep any sort of realism in the long run. Not unless there’s a BIG change. In ‘Call It Mother’s Intuition’, Laurel repeats that maybe they should go to jail, and Wes asks Annalise whether she’ll just “wait until the next thing”. These are all signs that Annalise’s methods can’t go on forever. Will this season be the one where things finally change in a drastic way? Will the group split up? Will any of the main characters really die for good?