Things are starting to get really intense in How to get away with murder. ‘Always Bet Black’ features a very problematic case that resonates with many of the female characters, while Laurel is diving into dangerous waters. On top of that, th mid-season flashforward adds another mystery to the table.


Over the three seasons this show has been airing, Annalise’s firm has had to work on some seriously controversial cases. However, ‘Always Bet Black’s case is a particluarly tough one. Not only did Annalise have everything against her due to her bad reputation in the court, but she also had to defend a sexual harasser, a very sensitive topic for both her and Bonnie. Despite of that, Annalise did not want to give up and did everything she could to win the case, while still having time to protect Michaela, who was first chair this week. Don’t get the wrong idea, though – she makes it very clear that she finds Solomon (who’s also a killer), completely disgusting, and she makes a point of it by actually slapping him across the face. Glorious. It’s times like this when it’s hard to be glad that Annalise won the case, but at least it gave us some nice female bonding time. Annalise is not completely sure of what she’s doing with Nate and his “healthy lifestyle”, so inviting Bonnie to stay the night while Nate wasn’t there was very sweet to see.

Always Bet Black - How to get away with murder
Another female character going through a difficult time is Laurel. She’s sent to visit her father in Mexico by Annalise to locate Frank and, as we already know, Laurel’s relationship with her father is awful. Laurel had been ignoring her father all this time, and, as a response, he tapped her phone to spy on her. After an episode full of arguing and some honest confessions from both sides, they somehow come to an agreement. Mr. Castillo is an awful father, but he also tells her that he’s proud that she turned all that anger and hate into strength. And Laurel signs a Property Transfer Agreement (probably related to her mother?). Much of that decision, though, came from the fact that Frank called Laurel telling her that Annalise has been sending hit-men after him. Once Laurel learns this information, she changes her mind. Lying to Annalise is never a good idea, but her actions make sense given that she’s still in love with Frank.

As per the rest of the characters, the love triangle among Asher, Michaela and Bonnie is not really a thing because Bonnie doesn’t care about it. And Connor and Oliver, who at first seemed to get along after their break up, are now struggling to even remain friends. All these lovers spats are not only fitting for their lives as college students, but they also help in balancing the more serious tones of the series. The only romantic subplot I’m not really fond of is Wes’s awkward romance. And it’s not because I don’t like Meggy – I actually think she’s really sweet and smart, which gives her character lots of potential. However, it’s hard to call Wes a main character anymore at this point as he’s barely on screen, and when he is, all he seems to do is worry about Laurel. If only his father’s death was still a relevant plot point, things would be different. I’m sure it’ll come back again sometime, but for now, he’s the least interesting K5 member this season.

We’re reaching that point in the season in which viewers are starting to struggle to wait for that mid-season finale. How to Get Away with Murder‘s mid-season finales are often more intense than the season finales themselves, and the pay-off to all the build-up is always so much worth it. In “Always Bet Black”‘s 6-week flashforward, we find out that Oliver was successful in hacking the phone and then randomly dropping it near the crime scene. Bonnie is there too, so we can add her to the “alive characters” box. However, right after Annalise has been arrested, they announce that there’s yet another body inside the house. #WhosUndertheSheet, say hello to #WhosInsidetheHouse.