When you’re a huge fan of all things online — of video and movies — it’s safe to say that you may want to create your own someday. And you absolutely can. While some people may want to create the movie storylines they love the most, and go on to work for the big production houses that they love, not everyone will. When it comes to creating the best movies or games or online content, it’s safe to say that you really do not have to work solely on the biggest or most popular things around to build your onine empire.

When you’re a huge fan and you love the idea of creating something new, something different, and something modern, you absolutely can. Let’s take a look at how.

1. Have An Idea

First of all, you need an idea.

You need to have characters or a storyline or the world that this is all set in – something. Because if you don’t have an idea that you believe in or that you’re passionate about, you may struggle to get started. But when you have that idea, it’s easiest to get going.

2. Start Writing

Next, you absolutely need to be sure that you’re getting it all out.

Start writing. Whether you want to write a book or create a video or a radio show, you need to write the script or the plan or even the code. And the best thing to do is to just get started.

3. Create In Your Own Way

You want to make sure that you are creating in a way that works for you.

And it’s safe to say that this way, will be unique. It’s really not just going to be the same as what you’ve already seen out there. Because you have your own unique idea and you need to bring it out into the world. So do exactly that! If you need to learn how to record video on a Mac or podcast or make a book, do it. Just make sure that you are creating in a way that suits you best.

4. Get Feedback

When you’re creating, the next thing you need to do here is put it out into the world.

And maybe at this stage, you don’t want to list it for sale or you just want to get some feedback? So give it to your friends, ask people to read or watch or play it for free and let you know their thoughts. This is something that you will find really allows you to make your work as good as it can be.

5. Refine & Promote Your Online Empire

And then, when you have that feedback, it’s important for you to be able to make the changes necessary to improve the content you’re creating or the media.

Make it better. Refine it. Get it where it needs to be. And then, it’s time to put it out there. Make sure that you’re promoting it. That you’re knocking down doors. And that you’re either self-publishing and promoting or that you’re asking for bigger companies to work with you on this.