As we head into the new year, people across the world are making new year’s resolutions and goals. Some people separate these goals into categories like personal, social or health-related goals. But one area that is overlooked at times is our personal recreation. Just because fandom and nerdiness are for our entertainment doesn’t mean you can’t make goals for yourself in this area as well. After all, the time we spend pursuing things outside of our obligations should be used in a way that delights us and helps us take on the drudgery of life.

What New Year’s Goals To Set

Figuring out what new year’s goals to set is sometimes as hard as achieving them afterward. You don’t want to set stepping stones so high that you will be unable to get to them. On the other hand, goals that are too small and passed too quickly can lead to an underwhelming feeling and wasting the additional time you have. When you think about worthwhile goals, you want them to do a few things for your life.

Goals Should Inspire Growth

Trying to do something just to do it can be fun at the moment. But spending 72 hours beating the 24th level of The Legend Of Zelda might be more harmful than fulfilling. Just because it is fandom related doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t also enrich your life. New year’s goals that leave you a better person than when you started to give you a better reason to stick to them.

Link in the Legend Of Zelda

Perhaps you want to learn a new language so you can enjoy your favorite anime or foreign films in the language they were released. Spending a year learning even just the basics of a new language gives you something to show for and expands your mind.

Goals Should Scare You

The bigger your goals are the more successful you will feel when you achieve them. You will never reach the impossible without setting your eyes on it. Most worthwhile pursuits are hard but this shouldn’t stop you from going for them. Picks something you have always wanted to accomplish and let that guide you. Great things can’t happen if great goals are never set.

Goals Should Be Achievable

This may seem like a contradiction to the last step. But if your goals should be big but not so large, they terrify you into immobility. If even the first step of your goal seems laughable, you are more likely to put it off. Finding the balance between impossibly great and delusional grandeur is vital to your success. Making sure you have the tools and abilities to make your dreams a reality ensures you will be able to get where you want to.

How To Set New Year’s Goals

Now that you know what new year’s goals you want to accomplish, how do you go about achieving them? Once you figure out what you are aiming for, the more detailed work begins. Planning the steps you need to ultimately get to your goal is key in succeeding. 

Have Milestones

If you want to learn how to ride a horse so you can channel your inner Merida, you can’t expect to ride into the sunset the next day. Find a good place to ride and work with your instructors on goals that will eventually allow for that. Setting small, short term goals breaks down your big, scary resolutions into attainable chunks. Take each chunk one step at a time and before you know it, finishing your big goal will become just the next step.

Have A Time Frame For Each Step

Setting a goal to finish by the end of the year is a great start but they are easily forgotten if you don’t have check-ins periodically. Each milestone you have planned should coincide with a date on your calendar. And plan for failure and setback. Inventors, athletes, and leaders around the world know that great things are impossible without failure.

Merida riding Angus across the Glen
Credit: Pixar (2012)

It would be wonderful if your plan wen perfectly, you didn’t mess up a step and life never got in the way. But, this is unrealistic. When you don’t plan for failure, its inevitable swings at you could stop you from following through. Knowing you have a contingency plan for the times you slip up helps you take a breath then keep chugging along.

Gather Resources

Setting aside some time to research your goal and how to get there sets you up for success. Compile a list of people, places, and resources you need to reach your new year’s goals.

New Year's Goals Calendar.
New Year’s Goals Calendar,

If you want to learn a new skill, quality teachers and classes give you a better chance of reaching your goals. If your goal is healthy or socially related, start figuring out the financial differences you will have to adjust for.


It’s easy to start out with gusto when we first make goals. But without accountability, the business of life can get in the way. The first thing to go when life gets hectic is often the personal projects that no one knows about. This means there are no deadlines or consequences if they fall by the wayside. Finding someone or something to make sure you’re on track can help push you when motivation is low. In addition to helping you keep going, these accountability partners can cheer for you as you accomplish your milestones.

Why Do We Set New Year’s Goals?

Maybe you enjoy many fandom-related things but few people know of your passions. Perhaps you should make a goal to become a part of a community that also enjoys your fandom. Connecting with other likeminded people not only expands your social life but also opens your eyes to new theories, ideas, and aspects of your fandom you didn’t know about before. There are so many online groups that celebrate fandoms of all kinds and can enrich your experience. It is pretty easy to find fan groups on Facebook, Tumblr and even whole fansites devoted to nerdy communities.

Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Make goals to become a part of these groups and contribute in a positive way and make you’ll find new friends or even old friends you didn’t even know were interested. Or maybe your new year’s goals are to connect with friends and family in ways that include your hobbies. Inviting non-nerd friends to see a movie or show you enjoy could create a new fandom member. If you’re even more ambitious, you could set a regular time to play board games or roleplaying games you think they might like.

Challenge Yourself In 2020!

Even if the game is not their favorite, it will give you time to get to know each other better and hopefully find something you both enjoy. Spending time with loved ones doesn’t need to be painful. Organizing ways to be together and enjoying fandom brings you closer. Plus it shows them you want them to be a part of the aspects of life that bring you joy. So start setting your new year’s goals! The start of a new year is the perfect time to hit refresh on your day to day and set your eyes on your passions and true desires. Your nerdy new years’ goals will not only help you grow but also inspire others to start pursuing their own dreams.