How to Get Away with Murder ‘What Happened to You, Annalise?’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It’s been a long, painful wait, but How to Get Away with Murder is finally back in our screens to keep playing with our minds with its cheeky plot twists and revelations. ‘What Happened to You, Annalise?’ isn’t as intense as the mid-season finale, but instead is a much more slow, dramatic take on the consequences of that dreadful night and Annalise’s mental state.

‘What happened to you, Annalise?’, a very fitting title by the way, takes place 2 weeks after the events of ‘What Did We Do?’. This episode deals with the consequences of that night, both the death of Sinclair and attempted murder of Annalise, and the mental repercussions those events had for all of the characters.

Out of all the Keating 5, Laurel wins the cinnamon roll award of this episode (yes, that is a thing). Even though she was suffering as much as everyone else, she took the role of taking care of Wes (from lying about who shot Annalise to making sure Wes is alright) and keeping the group together. A group that reminds us that they are still students and studying for exams should still be a thing. Connor seems to be much more relaxed, Michaela is struggling on her own and now has to deal with Caleb being mad at her, and Asher is battling his own demons.

What Happened to You, Annalise? - How to get away with murder - the daily fandom

And poor Wes is even more broken than I expected him to be. Everything from the revelation that Rebecca is dead, to shooting Annalise in the stomach and the Christophe thing took a toll on him, and I’m afraid he’ll never be that “puppy” again. In fact, the ending of this episode led us to believe that he had actually taken the pills. Wes also gave us a new piece of information when he said that his mother committed suicide. However, I’m going to take that with a grain of salt. Not only because in this show nothing is what it seems, but also because we had some possible foreshadowing when Asher stated that his father didn’t commit suicide, but was killed instead.

Wes’ mother, Rose (Kelsey Scott), was introduced in two ways: as a flashback and as Annalise’s hallucination. Apparently, Annalise and Rose met 10 years ago in a park, when Annalise was pregnant. What happened after that is still unknown. However, it’s very possible that, after having a miscarriage and after Rose died, she saw the need of being motherly towards someone else, in this case, Christophe. The cause of the change of Wes’ name is still unknown. There’s something fishy going on, though. Annalise refused to tell Wes what really happened because she was so weak she probably feared that she wouldn’t be able to handle Wes’ reaction. But then, why did she tell him that he ruined her? And did that scene even happen in the first place? Hopefully we will get some answers this season.

Wes was a mess, but the weakest, most vulnerable character in this episode was Annalise. And if that wasn’t shocking to see, then I don’t know what is. First of all, I believe it was amazing how the show portrayed the medical and psychological consequences of being shot. Annalise was in pain, tired, high and definitely not herself throughout the whole episode. And she still managed to get her way when testifying in court! She doesn’t only lie about the events of that night, but she also saves Catherine by blaming Phillip, who supposedly drugged her. We still don’t know what happened in this family and who Phillip really is, but we still got happy with what happened in court. Are we rooting for the bad guys?

What Happened to You, Annalise? - How to get away with murder - the daily fandom

Annalise has been showing signs of depression and self-hatred for a while, but it still hit me when Bonnie mentioned that Annalise wanted to die that night. That is why she sent Bonnie away, and Bonnie complied because, at the time, she was OK with her dying. I still don’t see how Annalise and Bonnie’s relationship can work out after all those things they said to each other, but I understand why Bonnie is being good and gentle with her considering the state she’s in.

Overall, HTGAWM’s comeback was much more slower paced than usual, as it dealt with the consequences of what happened in the mid-season finale and the atmosphere was just too gloomy. We are used to seeing Annalise broken, but not that broken. And we’re definitely not used to seeing a suicidal Wes. Considering we don’t know what exactly happened 10 years, at this point having Annalise and Wes talk about their past could  make things better, or make everything even worse in an irreversible way.


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