How to Get Away with Murder ‘What Did We Do?’ Review


WARNING: This review contains HUGE spoilers

No one does mid-season finales like How to Get Away with Murder. And, unlike last season with Sam, this time it was personal: someone had shot Annalise, and we had to find out who did it (and try not to get a heart attack in the process).

‘What Did We Do?’ wastes no time in creating the intense atmosphere we have gotten used to with Murder‘s finales. Everything from the constant back and forth with the timer to having the lights out (seriously, what’s up with that?) screamed hold on to your seats because we’re gonna f*ck you up. Despite of that, I’m going to be honest and say that, at first, I thought this episode would be a bit disappointing. Perhaps it’s because having the Keating 5, or anyone for that matter, committing a murder isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s more something like this.

I was so invested in Annalise that I almost forgot that Sinclair was also supposed to die in this episode. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to assume that it had been Bonnie who had done the killing when she showed up with her body in the trunk. However, something unexpected happened in this episode: Asher’s father killed himself. And, if Asher wasn’t feeling shitty enough, there was also his shit mother to blame him. In that sense, Sinclair’s cruel words were the last straw for him. This meant two things: one, they had to cover the murder of Sinclair in a way that it would be impossible to assume that they did it to win the case, and two, Annalise had someone else to protect: Asher, who had managed to stay out of her messes for so long. The acting was spectacular in this episode, but I would like to give a special mention to Matt McGorry, who had to play a very different Asher tonight and excelled in it, making his character’s reaction very convincing.

Annalise is so shocked that she comes up with a crazy plan to make it look like “a bigger accident”. And, if this show is called How to Get Away with Murder, this episode should have been called ‘How to create the perfect crime scene”. By the way, I liked how Annalise said “they need to make sense out of it”, just like us viewers tried to make sense out of those flashbacks for the past few weeks. Regarding the crime scene construction, I was glad to see that the Keating 5 haven’t changed their minds in regards to what is right and what is wrong. They still regard killing as something awful that should never be done. In a way, they were acting similarly to how they reacted to having killed Sam last season. Michaela is still freaking out over everything and Connor, who had already shown this season that he didn’t agree with Annalise’s methods, actually put the pedal down and straight up quit on collaborating in this madness. Annalise outing them and finally revealing to Asher that they were the ones to kill Sam came out as desperate and didn’t help either. Bonnie and Asher were the only ones to proceed with Annalise’s request and threw Sinclair’s body from the mansion to hide the fact that she was ran over by a car. We know that Annalise has no limits and she has no problem with going to extremes not only to win her cases, but also to protect those around her, which is why she decided to take the circus even further with the idea of shooting herself.

Oh, how far this show has come… From having the Keating 5 being innocent students who admired Annalise and looked up to her, to having Annalise being a crying mess and desperately begging to be shot in the leg. As expected, neither of the characters wanted to do it as they see it as something crazy. Connor got pretty close, though. And that was the perfect time for Annalise to come clean about Rebecca. Wes not only accepted to shooting her, but he actually raised the gun to shoot her in the abdomen. During the climax, and in case our jaws hadn’t reached the floor yet, the show chooses to finally reveal, or rather confirm what many already suspected: Wes, or rather Christophe, and Annalise were already linked by their pasts. 

Far from giving us an explanation, this revelation only added more questions: Why did Christophe change his name? What happened to his mother? What did Annalise and Eve have to do with it? In a way, it’s been justified why Annalise has always had a soft spot for Wes and why she helped him getting into Law school. Despite her saying “it all started with what you did”, everything seems to always go back to Annalise in some way or another, which also raises the question: has she been covering more murders all this time?

Where do we go now from this? Even though this show has never been a cheerful one and the relaxing/comedic situations can be counted with the fingers of one hand, everyone is far too broken to keep working together anymore. Laurel said it herself: “maybe we should go to jail for everything. Maybe that’s OK“). Michaela joins Connor and quits (“we are officially the worst people ever“). And let’s not talk about Connor, who actually admitted to hating her and was the first one to pick up the gun. How are they going to be able to continue working together after this? Haven’t they gone through enough already? How many more seasons can the writers expand this story?

Like I previously said, my expectations weren’t that high with this mid-season finale because I thought the shock factor was already gone. Boy, was I wrong. If there’s something this show can do, it’s finales. Perhaps that’s why the rest of the season always feels so rushed, like they’re just dying to get to the climax to leave viewers shocked. There’s also the addition that this finale felt much more personal than any of the episodes from last season. It wasn’t just because it was our main character who got shot, but also because of that climax situation in which they all realize that this has gone way too far and that there’s no fixing this. Maybe they should go to jail for this, although that would sort of invalidate the show’s title.

How to Get Away with Murder will return on February 11th, 2016. Bring on all the speculation!


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