How to Get Away with Murder: Update, Speculation, Predictions


The second half of the second season of How I Get Away with Murder won’t come out until February 11th, but we have had more than enough time to speculate on the show since that shocking mid-season finale. Here are some of the most talked-about theories around the web and speculation for what’s next in HTGAWM.

Will we get to know Wes’ past?

Wes didn’t have a very big role in the first half of this season compared to the previous one. In the first season, he didn’t only start out being the main protagonist of the series, but he was also key to the Lila murder case thanks to being Rebecca’s boyfriend. However, lately Wes has been overshadowed not only by Annalise, but also by other members of the Keating 5.

After Annalise called him ‘Christophe’ allowing us to see that flashback, it’s very likely that we are going to focus more on him, his past and his relationship with Annalise in this second half. Eve will probably be back too, and I believe that the trio, especially Wes, will be a bit alienated from the Keating 5, not only because they have that past in common, but also because Wes was the one who shot Annalise.

How will Annalise avoid jail?

Writer Pete Nowalk revealed to TVLine that “there will be forensic experts all up in there” but that what he has learned from real law-enforcement people is that “forensic science is actually very much up to interpretation”. Annalise put a lot of thought into creating that crime scene and Nowalk said that “whether it works or not, we’ll find out very quickly“.

So far, Annalise has managed to get away with her plans over and over, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. There’s also the fact that she has basically turned the Keating 5 against her. She needs Eve more than ever now.

What will Connor do?


Connor spent the first half of the season repeating over and over how he didn’t want to have more blood on his hands and how tired he was of Annalise and her methods. Hearing Annalise use Oliver to make Connor shoot her in the mid-season finale was the last straw for him. Out of all the Keating 5, Connor is the one who is less willing to collaborate with her and her crime scene, even though we saw him try to help her (again, he doesn’t want to have more blood on his hands).

Connor clearly wants out, but it won’t be easy for him to leave at this point. And I believe that keeping Oliver in the shadows isn’t as safe as Connor thinks it is. I’m guessing that Oliver will soon find out the truth, whether it’ll be on his own (he’s a smart guy after all) or because Connor will finally come clean, remains to be seen.

It’s all about the characters

We do know that the show will pick up two weeks after the events of the mid-season finale. According to TV Line, the show has also cast a trio of recurring guest stars: “super-rich George and Beverly Mahoney and their Ivy League-educated son Charles”. It’s still unknown whether they’ll take part in a random case or if they will be important to the main storyline.

The second half will also focus more on the characters: “My goal is to dig deeper with the characters, show that their dynamics with each other are changing, that they’ve really moved on from the first season when they kind of hated each other and were at odds” said Nowalk. “I think we’ll see them grow a little bit more reliant on each other. And maybe even warmer toward each other. For me, I want to make the back six episodes for us very character-driven. And whether that means slowing down a little or that there will be less mystery, I’m not actually sure. For me, I want to sit with the characters more.”

As usual, there’s so many balls in the air with How to Get Away with Murder, it’s really hard to keep up with everything. But what about you? What are your thoughts and speculations for the second half of Season 2? Let us know in the comments!


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