How to Get Away with Murder ‘There’s My Baby’ Review


‘There’s My Baby’s is an intense, emotionally driven episode that highlights some of the best attributes of How to Get Away with Murder. Us viewers have finally solved the mystery behind Annalise and Wes’ connection, but the characters are far from being at peace.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After seeing Rose actually kill herself last episode, we finally catch up to the flashback scene we saw in the mid-season finale with Annalise and Eve. We already knew that no one killed Rose (at least, not directly), but that doesn’t mean no one is responsible for her death. In fact, Annalise feels guilty because she was pressuring Rose into lying on the court. However, the 10 year flashback’s purpose was not only to explain what happened to Wes’ mother, but also to find out what happened to Annalise’s baby. Lots of pressure can trigger a natural abortion, so the fact that she was overworking herself (something that Sam kept reminding her of) was the main cause of abortion I had i mind. But Murder has no chill: it was a car accident (was it really an “accident”?).

The scene in the hospital in which Annalise is crying over her dead baby next to Sam has to be one of the most devastating scenes in the whole series. It made it even worse that Annalise kept saying “sorry” because she felt that, even if it was indirectly, she was still the cause of the baby’s death, and she probably felt the same way about Rose. Was it really Annalise’s “ambition” that kill them? No. It was an accident, but it’s understandable that Annalise is blaming herself when being after so much stress and having so much alcohol in her veins. There was yet another question, though: why didn’t Annalise tell Wes? Well, the story gets even uglier when it turns out that Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin), the man Annalise was working for, repeatedly raped Rose and is actually Christophe’s biological father. He is very much alive so judging from those last scenes with Wes, we shouldn’t be too surprised if he keeps doing some exploration via paying his father a visit.

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The truth about Frank is finally out

Such is the stress on Annalise in this episode that she actually kicks everyone out of her house. And the Keating 5’s way of dealing with their problems isn’t any different from Annalise’s: they get drunk. The result? Michaela and Asher somehow end up together (although it’s probably just a one-time thing), Connor decides not to tell Oliver about everything they’ve been doing because that would jeopardize their relationship (although it is now a plot point and I’m sure it’ll come back soon) and drunk Laurel goes back to Annalise’s to make things even worse for her.

The thing is Bonnie now knows that Frank killed Lila because, for some reason, she was spying on him and Laurel last episode. Frank later tells her that Annalise was the one who told him to, do it, but he actually did it for Sam. Annalise already blamed herself for Rose and her baby’s death, so the fact that she is also being blamed for things that she did not do, let alone know, is the last straw.

Annalise is far from perfect. Bonnie pretty much summarized the show when she said “we’re all bad people, that’s the only thing we have in common”. The only difference is that Annalise keeps taking responsibilities for everyone else’s mistakes. Annalise is taking care of everyone, but no one is taking care of Annalise, which is probably why she ends up going away with her mother.

It’s hard to say what will happen next for the season finale after everything that happened in this episode. Sure, Philip continues to be a threat, but he’s more of a plot device than an actual character. I’m also wondering just how much the reveal about Frank killing Lila is going to influence the story, other than having characters feeling shocked or disappointed, and there’s also the fact that everyone still ignores that Bonnie killed Rebecca. Whatever it is, Murder‘s finales never disappoint, so make sure to grab some snacks and tissues before next week’s final episode!


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