WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘She’s Dying’ didn’t have the same impact as last week’s premiere but it still managed to give us some very tense scenes in court while developing some relationships further.

First thing that should be said is that it is confirmed that this season is going to follow last season’s formula of showing bits of pieces of a shocking flashback that we probably won’t see until the midseason finale or season finale. The title also refers to the flashback in particular: Annalise is dying. This time, the suspicion we had that Wes could have killed her is no longer, but we do see the Keating 5 abandoning her bloody body on the floor. Sadly, it’s still too soon to speculate on what happened.

Aside from the flashback, the episode was divided into two cases: Caleb and Catherine’s, focused on whether they could have killed their aunt and only eye-witness, and Nate’s on whether there’s enough evidence against him. Although it was a bit confusing to be jumping from one case to another, I’m pretty sure that the majority of us were much more interested in Nate’s case since we know the truth, the characters and what’s at stake. Luckily, Annalise comes out victorious from both cases: she’s able to prove that the police had ran two different DNA test from the crime scene thanks to Oliver’s hacking skills and Nate is given freedom for there’s not enough evidence against him.

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Eve was willing to give up Annalise and their relationship to win the case. Annalise is  upset because she didn’t need “to make it about her”. What she didn’t know is that Eve was still in love with her. It is clear that there are some unresolved issues in their past, as Annalise admits that she got scared and left because their relationship was “too real”, hence implying that it was more real than the one she had with Sam. This leads me to wonder: was she even happy with Sam at all? Right now, it only makes sense that Annalise would leave that house behind and follow Eve but we know that she can’t do that because of the Keating 5.

Another couple that got a lot of attention was Oliver and Connor. To be honest, I thought that they would finally be OK after everything they went through but I guess there always has to be drama. This time, the drama came from Oliver finding out that Connor told the others about him being HIV positive. Oliver is more than allowed to be mad at that, but again, the Keating 5 have such a strange relationship with one another… This time though, they actually get to fix the issue it by the end of the episode when Connor demands that Oliver hurts him back, which he does: apparently, he got it when he slept with a random guy after Connor cheated on him. Connor’s interpretation? It was his fault.

There was not much time left for the rest of the characters but everyone still got their time to shine: Asher confronts Felicia (Bye Felicia), Wes does his puppy thing, Frank teases Laurel (what is even this relationship at this point?), Bonnie plays victim after having killed an innocent girl “for Annalise” and Michaela is giving mysterious Levi a chance, who I’m willing to bet is Eggs911.

It is clear that Annalise hasn’t really let go as she still has a lot on her plate. If that wasn’t enough, Eve is now back from her past to add many other new relationship dynamics, and I’m sure that Nate is going to come up again. The Caleb and Catherine case is still unresolved but the show is really going to have to work on their characters a bit more to make us care about them.

What did you think of ‘She’s Dying’? Do you have any theories for that flashback already?