How to Get Away with Murder ‘Meet Bonnie’ Review: Asher Unleashes Panic


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

How to Get Away with Murder certainly went dark this episode and should perhaps have added some trigger warnings for sexual abuse/rape themes. In ‘Meet Bonnie’ there is no time for case of the week as the show takes a step back to try to reorganize and connect every single open thread that we have going on this season.

meet bonnie - how to get away with murder - the daily fandom

More than anything, this episode was about Asher, Bonnie, and the extent of their relationship. Asher was being kept in the dark ever since Sam’s murder last season, and it almost seemed like he didn’t belong in this show anymore. I already talked about how this would sooner or later backfire on them, and it finally did in this episode. To try to solve the mess, Bonnie, who can’t seem to make any good decisions lately, lies to him and tells him that she was the one who killed Sam after he attempted to rape her. It is almost ironic that this episode featured a scene in which Annalise talks about how the juridic system doesn’t really care for rape victims but, at the same time, Sam abusing Bonnie was a lie. However, we did see at the end of the episode that Bonnie was actually a rape survivor (how did Annalise get that footage, though?). None of that convinces Asher though, who goes to testify by the end of this episode. I believe we can confirm that the Bonnie/Asher relationship is done for, at least for this season.

Annalise is in no better position, though. She is desperate as she claims that she doesn’t know what to do this time. And this is what I thought too: how on Earth are they gonna get out of this one next episode? And I’m sorry but, as much as I feel for hear, I couldn’t really forgive her when she had a breakdown scene in front of Nate. What she to did to him wasn’t right and it’s only understandable that Nate is currently working with Wes.

The Keating 5, or more like the Keating 3 now, confront Wes when they find him with Levi. While Sam’s murder seems to be the one that is getting the more importance this season, the show reminds us that Rebecca’s death is still unresolved. Wes reveals to the rest that Levi is Eggs 911 to Michaela’s dismay, and that Rebecca is dead (or so they believe). The proof that they have is that one key, which they assume leads to Rebecca’s body in a storage locker. No such luck, though. Frank is still smarter and faster than them. Later on, they arrest Levi for possession of drugs. Levi and Michaela’s relationship, another one that seems to be doomed.

Meet Bonnie - how to get away with murder - the daily fandom

How to Get Away with Murder is far from the days when it was all about a teacher and her students. We rarely see the classroom anymore or hear conversations about exams, assignments or other lectures. There is no trophy either. It’s just a group of youngsters who seem to be living at Annalise’s house while witnessing a secret battle of minds featuring Annalise, Bonnie and Frank vs. Levi and Asher. And, while I’m enjoying these episodes very much, I would also be thankful if the show could tone it down a bit so we could get lighter episodes every now and then, if only to take a deep breath and reorganize our thoughts and speculations. Right now it’s a mess, but at least it’s an organized mess, and I have to give props to the writers for being able to play with all these open threads at the same time.


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