How to Get Away With Murder ‘It’s Time to Move On’ Review

It's Time to Move On

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

We all went into the How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 premiere with one question in our heads: who killed Rebecca? After many months of speculation, we finally get our answer in the very first episode. After that’s resolved (kind of), ‘It’s Time to Move On’ does what it implies and moves on to other important questions like… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THAT LAST MINUTE?!

First things first. The initial minutes of the episode place us 10 days after the Season 1 finale took place and show us the consequences of everything that happened. Just like we thought, Annalise and Frank are the only ones who know that Rebecca was killed. Was I the only one who was looking at Frank differently after knowing he killed Lila? Why did he obey Sam’s demand? What is his true role in this house? And why is Annalise so chill around him? Once again, this proves that Annalise might be the big heroine of this show, but she is definitely not flawless and her morals are more than questionable.

How to Get Away With Murder - It's Time to Move On - The Daily Fandom

We are introduced to the first new character of the season: Eve, Nate’s lawyer and Annelise’s old friend from Law school and ex-girlfriend. Thumbs up for the creators making Annalise bisexual (and during Bi Visibility Week, no less!). Annalise and Eve’s tension and constant arguing during the episode makes much more sense after we find out their history and what they actually mean to each other. Can’t wait to see where this relationship will go now that Sam and Nate are pretty much out of the picture.

As promised, we finally know Rebecca’s murderer: Bonnie. Quite unexpected after many had erased her from the suspects list when it turned out she didn’t kill Lila. I still struggle to see clearly why Bonnie would go as far as to killing Rebecca. Yes, she believed she would drag all of them down with her but would she really go that far for Sam? Or was it for Annalise? Without knowing whether the Keating 5 will find out about Bonnie killing Rebecca (I’m specially curious about Wes’ reaction), Rebecca’s case is not 100% over. After all, there’s still the mystery of who EGGS911 is and how Michaela is going to deal with getting in contact with him/her via her phone.

We also got our usual side-case: two adopted siblings accused of murdering their wealthy parents. To be honest, side-cases are never my favourite part of the episodes at all but it seems like this one is going to be relevant in the long run after seeing that last flashforward. Flashforwards are not rare in this show, considering the first half of last season was all about the night in which the Keating 5 were dealing with Sam’s corpse. This time, 2 months later from now, we see a big mansion were supposedly the two adopted siblings live. We hear gunshots and we see Wes outside and Annalise inside covered in blood (but still breathing). Jaws dropped. All I can say is props to the writers for being able to repeat and even surpass the mystery they were able to create last season.

How to Get Away With Murder - It's Time to Move On - The Daily Fandom

Other things were resolved, like Michaela and Laurel’s fight over Laurel having her engagement ring this whole time. Annalise and Wes have also fixed their confusing relationship after she had doubts about him murdering Rebecca. As per Oliver and Connor, it seems like their relationship is going to improve in comparison to Season 1. Two new elements have been added to their relationship: Oliver’s HIV and Connor moving in.

‘It’s time to move on’ was all over the place, constantly switching scenes and playing with many open threads at the same time. Yes, they are slowly moving on from Rebecca and Sam’s case, but they are not moving on from the murders, the mysteries and the lies. Which is probably why one of the highlights of the episode for me was when they were all dancing while IAMX’s ‘Hapiness’ screamed ‘LIARS’ in the background. Kind of ironic.

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