How to Get Away with Murder ‘It’s Called the Octopus’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

We are back to the case-of-the-week formula for the third episode of How to Get Away with Murder‘s second season. In ‘It’s Called the Octopus’, the show tries to emphasize the importance that sex, relationship interests and desires can have in a court, and in life.

This theme was not only featured in this episode though, there has always been A LOT of sex and romance in this show. We saw its effects in the Annalise/Nate/Sam love triangle and in Wes/Rebecca last season. This season it could be the turn of Michaela/Levi, Laurel/Frank or even Asher/Bonnie. This week’s most important sex relationship though, besides Oliver ‘getting the D’, is probably Levi’s and Michaela’s. With Michaela entrusting her first orgasm to Levi and Levi telling Wes about Eggs911 being Rebecca, it seems like we should be relaxing ourselves around Levi, at least for now.

It's called the octopus - how to get away with murder - the daily fandom

Still struggling to care about these two (©ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

The case of the week served two purposes: one, to illustrate the sex theme of the episode; two, to show how cold-blooded Annalise is becoming. Annalise won this case, but it was wrong. “How do you sleep at night?” asked Tanya, “alone”, replies Annalise, “on very comfortable sheets. I like expensive bottles of vodka”. Bottles of vodka that she keeps drinking like water. As a matter of fact, Annalise is also struggling with the Hapstalls case. Especially after we find out what many suspected: the siblings are romantically involved. If that wasn’t enough, the lady who works in the mansion says she knows they are guilty. It is clear that Annalise is going through some difficulties and, with Eve gone, she’s all alone this time. And it’s seems like all the things she has gone through is taking a toll on her. The show also shows us how distant she is becoming from everyone else by splitting the screen with a wall that separated Annalise from both Wes and Nate (who now seem to be working against her). We are only in episode 3, how much longer can she keep this up?

And it does seem like we should be paying attention to Nate after seeing that flashback. After attempting to call Annalise, Nate picks the boys up by car. Will Nate have a bigger role this season? Could he even work as a substitute for Annalise at some point? As much as I love Annalise, I understand his intention to stand up for himself.

Other thoughts I had during the episode: I really thought Frank would have a bigger role in the beginning of this season after he was revealed to be Lila’s killer. Instead of that, we are just “getting to know him” through Laurel, who is starting to get worried about the supposed bad things he has done. On the other hand, Asher seems more out of the picture than ever. I am sure that keeping him in the dark for so long will have its consequences sooner or later. Overall, only three episodes in, the second season of Murder already proves to be much more complicated and complex than the first one was. Whether they can keep this level of intensity for 15 episodes, we will have to see.


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