How to Get Away with Murder ‘I Want You to Die’ Review: Prayer Circle for Oliver


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

I’ll say it over and over again: this season of How to Get Away with Murder is overpacked with plot lines, which can be both exciting and stressful. ‘I Want You to Die’ brings us two cases, really intense heart-ripping moments and a lot of worry towards everyone’s favourite cinnamon roll, Oliver.

I keep struggling to understand why the writers would decide to add a random case-of-the-week about suicide when there’s not only so much going on right now, but also Nate’s wife case. At least they decided to put aside the Hapstall case for this week! Nia’s euthanasia plot line could have brought some ethical discussion to the table, but the show decided that going there would be too much. This caused both cases, which could have been very interesting if presented separately, to be outshined by the other story lines of this episode, which I enjoyed much more.

For starters, we’ve got Bonnie and Asher, who I don’t see going back together ever again. Only a sexual abuse survivor knows how much such an experience can affect someone’s life, and Asher proved not to be mature enough to understand that (“I understand why this is your thing“, seriously?). If having her (ex)boyfriend find out about her past wasn’t enough, Bonnie is also done with Annalise. For real this time: she actually tells her she wants her to die. We always talk about Viola Davis’ outstanding performances, but let’s take a moment to appreciate Liza Weil’s acting here too. The way in which Bonnie spoke those words was so raw and intense that it actually made feel very tense and I truly believe there’s no going back from this.

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*crossing fingers*

On the other hand, Oliver is now part of the investigation and this was something that was bound to happen sooner or later. If anything, I’d say he’s been an unofficial Keating 5 member for a while. And if there’s something we have learnt from this show is that, once you get involved in Annalise’s world, there’s no going back from it. This is probably why Connor is so worried about all his boyfriend, since he knows how dangerous this job can get. And it does get pretty dangerous pretty quickly for Ollie. After planning (and later cancelling) a date with the serial killer with Connor, it turns out that he had shown up at Connor’s apartment instead. We’ve got a long week of suffering ahead of us.

Other things that happened: Wes still has Levi’s gun and it looks like it’s going to be relevant in that flashback. Speaking about Wes, Annalise says “it’s him”. This is something that we still don’t fully understand, but the theories that Wes might be Annalise’s biological son might be relevant here. Lastly, props to Laurel, who had been belittled by Annalise, but ended up being key in winning the case. Annalise probably has a point, though: if she’s not paying any attention to you, that means you’re doing well.


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