How to Get Away with Murder ‘Hi, I’m Philip’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After watching ‘Hi, I’m Philip’, I believe the writers of this show should really consider changing the title of this show to ‘Sex and Murder’. Bad jokes aside, this week’s How to Get Away with Murder slows things down for a bit to focus on the Hapstall case, without adding any other random case on top, thank you very much. That’s not to say that this episode wasn’t intense, though.

Last episode left us with a very mean cliffhanger leading us to believe that Oliver would be the next one to die. Philip does not kill Oliver, but he does lie to the others when he says that he’s not related to the Hapstall’s case. However, he wants to sue Annalise for doing something illegal as a lawyer. This had all of our characters working very hard to cover their asses and pretty much hoping that Philip would be the killer so that 1) he wouldn’t risk going to the police to sue Annalise, 2) they would win the case. This time, Nate also gets involved in the mess when he fakes an official document to say that Philip is schizophrenic and delusional. Seems like everyone is corrupt in this show.

Hi, I'm Philip - How to get away with murder - the daily fandom

Will Laurel be able to handle being the new Bonnie?

On the other hand, we also have Sinclair, who isn’t playing fair either: she has mic’ed up the house, something that only Asher realizes. I’m happy to see that he’s back on action and he’s being very useful in K5, so much that Annalise suggests that he should be the next Frank, just like Laurel is being the substitute of Bonnie. There were many back and forths with Sinclair’s deal. Thankfully, Annalise and the K5 were more clever than her: they used the mic to their advantage and Frank came up with a fake blood test to prove that Philip is the killer. It has to be noted, though, that they weren’t able to convince Catherine to not take the deal.

At least our characters got to take a break: everyone gets laid. The sex montage featured Nate and Annalise (who have the most complicated, confusing relationship at the moment), Caleb and Michaela (let’s see how long it lasts considering her bad luck), Laurel and Frank, and Oliver and Connor. Of course, the show couldn’t give us a happy ending, it always has to end with a cliffhanger: Caleb found a hidden gun at the house and Philip had one of Catherine’s paintings. At the end, Catherine is shown together with Philip in a car. Did both of them kill the parents or did she use him to kill them? Eitherway, Catherine is guilty and Caleb didn’t know about it, which changes the case completely. We always questioned whether they were guilty or innocent, but we never thought about only one of them being guilty!

‘Hi, I’m Philip’ felt as intense and stressful as the rest of this season, but at least there was one only focus: the Hapstall case. This caused the episode to flow much better and naturally. Perhaps it’s because I only had to put my attention on one of the story threads, but I didn’t have to pause the episode so often to gather my thoughts and take notes. This time, I was captivated from start to finish.

PS: You can now vote on this fan-created poll for who you think shot Annalise!


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