FANFIC FRIDAY: How to Get Away with Murder Gen Fic Recs

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Hello, fanfic readers!

The wait is over! How to Get Away with Murder is finally back from what was probably its most shocking mid-season finale. To celebrate, we are bringing you 10 How to Get Away with Murder Gen fic recs to go with yesterday’s mid-season premiere!

Is there such a thing as colleagues with benefits?

By: iguessyouregonnamissthepantryaid
Summary: In which Michaela contemplates the nature of her and Asher’s relationship, and Asher continues to be a giant mess of guilt and anxiety and ever-increasing self-deprecation. Honestly I just really wanted someone to hug Asher and their hook-up last episode gave me a good excuse.
Rating: Mature – Gen – Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Friends with Benefits, Enemies to Lovers to Friends
Words: 3,082

Almost the Aftermath

By: csichick_2
Summary: After almost shooting Annalise, Connor struggles to hold things together. Michaela helps him as they try to figure out what to do next.
Rating: Mature – Gen, M/M
Words: 1,038

The Devil Takes Care of His Own

By: GotTheSilver
Summary: an exploration of how Connor became Connor. Connor got smarter with his choice of fucks. He became a collector and started aiming for certain people. The boy with a Harvard law professor for an uncle; the classmate whose brother was running for Governor; he even trained a kid with a bad gag reflex on how to suck cock because his father owned half the buildings in Philadelphia.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, M/M – Character Study, Pre-Series
Words: 1,198

How to Get Away with Sexuality

By: ElasticElla
Summary: A hangout with the four new almost-friends and classmates a month after they start working for Professor Keating. (Or: hufflepuff/slytherin friendships are super great and I want all the Michaela&Wes and Connor&Wes).
Rating: Not Rated – Gen – Recreational Drug Abuse, Teacher-Student Relationship, Questioning
Words: 673


By: Manzanas
Summary: Michaela and Laurel care more than they let on. Oliver isn’t sure why he’s so intimidated. A short coda to 1×13.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen, M/M – Friendship
Words: 533

Guilt Scotch & Geese Dicks

By: imperfectcircle, such_heights
Summary: There was only one thing for it. They were going to have to move the body.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Drunken Shenanigans, adorable murder puppies
Words: 2,059

Poker Face

By: l_cloudy
Summary: Michaela Pratt doesn’t want to look like she just spent the night disposing of a dead body.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – POV Female Character, Missing Scene, Character Study
Words: 1,000

The Consequences of Winning.

By: Reddwarfer
Summary: For all the cases Annalise has won, she’s never felt further from victory.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Character Study, Background Relationships
Words: 1,374


By: fallen_sparrow
Summary: A reflection on the Keating Five at the start of the semester.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen
Words: 1,477

No More Second Chances

By: creatureofhobbit
SummaryConnor wishes he had chance to make things right with Wes.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen
Words: 436

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