Levi Ackerman is more popularly known as Captain Levi on Attack On Titan. He is the soldier leader of the Survey Corps and Special Operations Squad. He is also the strongest soldier and one of the most popular characters in AOT.

How tall is Levi?

How tall is Levi

Levi is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm or 1.6 meters. While he isn’t the tallest character in Attack On Titan, it doesn’t stop him from being the best of the lot and doing his best to do the right thing at all times. He is a fierce fighter and unafraid which makes him an excellent soldier.

Is Levi the shortest character in AOT?

Levi is not the shortest character in Attack On Titan as we know many others are shorter than him.

Some of the main characters who are shorter than Levi include Connie Springer who is 5 feet 2 inches, Louise who is 5 feet 1 inch, and Historia Reiss who is 4 feet 9 inches.

Who are the tallest characters?

Many characters are taller than Levi Ackerman. These include Bertolt Hoover who is 6 feet 4 inches, Yelena and Kenny Ackerman who are 6 feet 3 inches, and Erwin Smith who is 6 feet 2 inches.

However, height does not dictate strength and strategy as we see in Attack On Titan.

How old is Levi?

Levi was a mystery character in the beginning as not much was known about him including his age. But it was revealed that Levi was born on December 25th.

does levi get taller

There was some confusion regarding his age but now the manga creator himself spilled the beans. He stated that Levi is in his early thirties. It is safe to assume that he is between 30 and 33 years old.  

How is Levi so powerful?

The fact that he belongs to The Ackerman Clan is the reason why he is so powerful. This clan was created to protect the humans by remaining human while possessing the powers of Titans.

His power may be the reason why he doesn’t get drunk even when he drinks a lot during celebrations. Mikasa is also powerful like Levi because they are related.

Why is Levi Ackerman so loved?

Levi has always been a fan favorite from the beginning because of his dedication to defeating the Titans and protecting the human race. If he could, he wouldn’t mind fighting with the Titans himself.

While he may appear distant to many, he is loyal to his duties and thinks through his actions. He is a warrior who deeply cares even if he is unable to show that to others.

Is Levi a mean person?

Levi comes off as a mean person because he is not that friendly. He looks grumpy all the time and his manners come off as rude.

how tall is levi in inches

At times, he is insensitive to others and speaks harshly which can easily hurt people’s feelings. This is especially true for people that Levi does not like and those that oppose his ideas. Even his sense of humor is not for everyone.

How come Levi Ackerman didn’t turn evil like Kenny?

Levi is shown to spend time with Kenny but he doesn’t become like him. Kenny is not a good man as he wants absolute power and he doesn’t care about the humans at all.

Levi is nothing like Kenny in this regard as he chooses to be a good man. Levi is not influenced by Kenny and is true to his morals and principles.

How does Levi find out he is a part of the Ackerman Clan?

It all starts with Kenny who lets Levi know that he is an Ackerman. This happens when Kenny is about to die and he reveals the truth about Levi to him.

Why does everyone respect Levi?

People respect Levi because he shows how much he cares through his actions. He is ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good of humanity. He also cares for and protects his comrades guiding them on the right path.

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This is evident during their return to Shiganshina where he chooses to fight the Beast Titan on his own while instructing Erwin to save others.

Does he get along with Mikasa?

Levi had frequent arguments with Mikasa as was evident at the beginning of the series but eventually, he got over it. He is shown not to be close to the other members of his family.

A part of this reason might be the way he was brought up and how much they had to think about fighting Titans every single day. But then Levi being Levi, it is not surprising as he is shown to be cold most of the time.

How does Levi save Eren?

Eren would have been executed if Levi didn’t save him. Levi promises the leaders that he will keep a close watch on Eren and explains the benefits of Eren being alive in the future.

While he didn’t want to hurt Eren, he had to do so to make it all believable to the members who wanted Eren to be executed. His demonstration was a way to save Eren from a horrible fate.

How did Levi get the scars?

It was due to Zeke Yeager that Levi had scars. When Zeke set off an explosion on the Thunder Spear, Levi was nearby and this caused him injuries including two fingers from his right hand being cut off; the middle finger and index finger.

His scars were due to the cuts he endured during the time of the explosion.

Does Levi sleep?

Levi does sleep although not as much as a normal human should. He gets about 3 hours of sleep every night which is unhealthy.

Even when things are calm, he doesn’t like to sleep much because he thinks sleep is unnecessary.

Why is Levi a cleanliness freak?

Levi judges people based on how clean they are. He is a cleanliness freak who values neatness. This includes when he is on the battlefield.

He probably became this way as he spent a great deal of time Underground where everything was quite dirty. Levi always ensures his environment and equipment are clean.

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