Welcome to an article about the animated Disney film “Encanto”, and the exciting life of its main character, Bruno. Ever since its release in 2022, this movie has captivated audiences around the globe with its magical story and fantastic cast of characters! 

But among the extensive range of characters featured in the movie, one character is always on the minds of fans: Encanto Bruno. 

So, the question arises, just how old is Encanto Bruno? In this article, we’ll be answering that crucial question while uncovering information about Encanto Bruno’s development and growth throughout the movie. 

Join us on this exploration through the magical Encanto universe and discover the secret age of the beloved character.

How Old Is Encanto Bruno?

Is Bruno the youngest Encanto?

The answer is yes, Bruno is the youngest of all the Encanto characters. According to the film, Bruno has only just turned seven years old and is in fact the same age as his dad, Cruz. 

Despite his young age, Bruno often comes off as much older, using intelligence and wit to outsmart his family and create fun adventures. This makes Bruno everyone’s favorite Encanto character.

Encanto Bruno

Bruno stands out because of his love of adventure and mischievous antics, which can be seen in his love of pranks, his obsession with fireworks and his inability to follow orders without pushing the boundaries.  

Even now, people all over the world still appreciate Bruno’s age-defying attitude and his crooked smile.

Despite being the youngest character in the film, Bruno always manages to hold his own. He is still able to keep up with the other Encanto characters, who, despite being adults and even older adults, all still look up to him for guidance, intelligence, and laughter.

Who is the oldest in Encanto?

Isabela Madrigal, the oldest in the small Mexican town of Encanto, is a fixture of the community. She is a living legend and has been recognized as the oldest living person there. 

Her age is estimated to be around 105. She is often seen walking around the town square, greeting anyone who acknowledges her with a kind smile and gentle wave. 

She is seen as a matriarch of the local people, being so respected and admired for her age. 

how old is isabella in encanto

Isabela has been around since Encanto was first established, and those who know her say that she is the soul of the town. 

She has seen hard times and persevered, living through revolutions and a whole world of change in the hundred years she has been around. 

Despite her age, her wit and wisdom have been handed down to generations as she talks to older people in the town who are older than her but still going strong. 

Isabela is remembered as a generous and kind-hearted soul, willing to share her experience with anyone who lights up her already radiant face. She is full of life and determined to live a long and healthy life, full of laughter and happiness. 

She is the biggest cheerleader to any of the younger generations’ successes and shares her wisdom in a way that is both inspiring and informative. 

Will there be an Encanto 2?

While there is no official confirmation yet, there has been plenty of speculation about the potential sequel. 

The movie Encanto follows the adventures of the family members in the magical world of Encanto, as they defend their homes against supernatural forces. 

It tells the story of a Latin-American family, who was given special powers by a magical tree. While it is known that the movie stars Bruno, a young boy voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, the age of the character has been a topic of debate.

how old is everyone in encanto

When the movie was released, viewers learned that Bruno was 13, but it has been speculated that the character has aged throughout the course of the film. 

Naturally, this lack of an answer has led to a flurry of speculation about Encanto’s age. Fans have gone back and forth trying to estimate just how old this enigmatic character is. 

Some believe Encanto could be as young as 15, while others think that he has seen a lot of life’s highs and lows over the years, placing his age in the 30s.

Who were the 3 babies in Encanto?

The delightful babies in question are called Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel.

Isabela is the oldest of the three with a cheery and energetic personality. She is the leader of the pack, often encouraging her younger siblings to go on brave and daring adventures with her. She is full of enthusiasm and has a big heart.

Luisa is the middle child and the gentler of the three. She is the peacemaker and mediator between her two sisters and often helps them to deal with difficult or upsetting situations. 

Luisa has a very loving and nurturing nanto Bruno when she traveled to a distant village to practice her hoop dancing.

Luisa is the next oldest, but she has a much different personality than Isabela. Affectionate and sweet, she loves people and animals alike and loves to take care of them. 

Her nature often leads her to stray from her parent’s wishes, but it’s all for the sake of a good cause. Luisa can be found helping animals at the local animal sanctuary or snuggling up with the cats and dogs that she’s become attached to.

Mirabel—the youngest of the three—was born in the Northern lands of Caledonia. She’s an exceptional child—bright and intelligent, she has an immense interest in learning. 

Curiosity fuels her every action, and she often finds herself in the strangest of places. With an adventurous spirit, an ever-growing knowledge, and plenty of determination in her tiny heart, Mirabel will make an excellent addition to the Encanto Bruno family.

Is Bruno 7 feet tall in Encanto?

the fact that Bruno’s size changes from scene to scene. At times, he appears to be much larger than 7 feet while, in other scenes, he looks to be more “average height”.

However, according to the Disney Magic of Measurement chart found in the Encanto DVD extras, Bruno stands at 5.4ft, not 7ft.

This chart helps to confirm that Bruno is not seven feet tall in the movie. The chart, which refers to the “Disney Magic of Measurement Estimation Guide”, explains that characters in the movie are measured by a system of feet, so if Bruno is seen as bigger or smaller than the system of feet he is measured in, then it is likely because of perspective.

In other words, the perspectives of the scene could be playing tricks on us, making Bruno look bigger or smaller than he actually is.

It appears that the only character who is truly 7 feet tall in Encanto is the Big Boss, Señor Tostadero. His height has consistently been determined to be seven feet tall not just by Disney, but also confirmed by Encanto fan sites and other websites devoted to the movie.

Is Bruno Encanto 50?

The film frames Bruno as a wise, mature figure, so it’s easy to assume the character is of a certain age. However, despite the fact he looks wise beyond his years, we never actually learn his age within the movie.  

Many Encanto fans have taken to speculating an age of 50 for Bruno, as he seems wise and experienced enough to fit within this age range.

When asked about Bruno’s age in an interview for the film, the director simply offered that the character’s age should “remain a mystery”, sparking further debates among viewers. 

how old is luisa in encanto

The silence from the filmmakers has viewers all over the world spouting their own theories and coming to their own conclusions.

As of now, the question “How old is Bruno Encanto” remains a mystery. While it is speculated that the character is close to 50, nothing has been confirmed by the directors, leaving the Encanto community in a frenzied debate about his true age. 

What is the shortest Encanto?

 Among the most iconic of all the Encanto stars is Mirabel Madrigal, the vivacious and spirited 15-year-old heroine. 

She stands out from the rest, not only because of her spunky personality and positive outlook on life but also because of her petite stature which makes her the shortest of all the main characters in the series. 

Mirabel has always been on the smaller side, towering only five feet two inches tall, but as her story has progressed, it has become clear that her small size gives her an immense advantage against her opponents. 

Her diminutiveness allows her to be much more agile and fleet-footed, allowing her to zip around the battlefield with impressive speed and ease. When coupled with her incredible magical abilities, she is a formidable force to be reckoned with, one that her foes often underestimate.

how old is mirabel in encanto

Though her small size may give her an edge during battles, it can also be a detriment in everyday life and she often finds herself overlooked or overshadowed by her peers. 

Many of them simply don’t realize that she can’t reach some of the same things as them and therefore may not offer her the same level of assistance. 

But despite this, she is accepting of her small size and meets every challenge head-on, tearing down any obstacles that come her way with a cheery determination. 

That title belongs to the much younger Princess Elana, a spunky and precocious girl who stands at an astonishingly short four feet tall. 


In conclusion, Encanto Bruno is a character from a movie that is as old as time itself. He’s been around for hundreds of generations, and his age is hard to pinpoint. 

He’s been around for so long and has been portrayed by so many different actors, that it’s hard to give him an accurate age. 

While the exact age of Encanto Bruno is still unclear, it’s safe to say that the character has been around for a very long time, and is probably much older than he looks. 

His age may be a mystery to us, but it’s clear that Encanto Bruno will be around for a long time to come.

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