Born in 1947, Vecna was 32 at the time of the Hawkins Lab Massacre, an event often thought to be the beginning of the Upside Down.  

Vecna has been a key figure in understanding and deciphering the mysteries of Upside Down. 

His lifelong commitment to discovering the truth of its origins and effects has been invaluable to helping people understand the workings of this strange parallel world.

How Old Is 001 In Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is an immensely popular Netflix show that has resonated with viewers of all ages. 

Is undeniable that Vecna is steeped in mystery and his possible connection to the Upside Down adds another layer of intrigue to his already fascinating story.

Thus, it is a subject that should be explored further, to ascertain both the reality and consequences of Vecna’s involvement if any.

Who is 001 in Stranger Things?

001 is an inter-dimensional entity, also known as the Mind Flayer. The Mind Flayer is a very powerful being that can control and manipulate other creatures. 

It is an immortal, supernatural being of immense power with a hunger for dominance and ambition.

Created by the scientists of Hawkins Lab, it was meant to be a powerful weapon to take over the world. 

001 In Stranger Things

Although Hawkins Lab was destroyed, the Mind Flayer survives and continues to be a major threat to humanity. 001 is a terrifying, seemingly unfathomable figure in the Stranger Things universe.

How old is Henry Creel?

Henry Creel is 12 years old in the first season of Stranger Things, which ran from 2016-2017, and he’s 13 in the second season, which ran in 2017-2018. 

His age continued to rise throughout the last three seasons and he has just turned 16 in the fourth season, which is currently being aired.

At the start of the first season, Henry was brave, headstrong, and eager to solve puzzles, making him an equally brave and curious child.

His age during the first season also made him a vulnerable target of monsters and demogorgons, as well as all other creatures that lurked outside of Hawkins town.

Henry’s character continued to develop throughout the seasons, with his age increasing, signifying both his maturity and courage. 

Now, in the fourth season, he is more confident, physically strong, and far more capable of defeating greater baddies.

Who defeated 001?

It was a heroic and ultimately successful battle for Eleven. Eleven is the main character of the show and, as far back as anyone can remember, 001 has appeared in her life as a threat. 

We do not yet know where they come from or indeed why they exist, but they’ve always been a sinister presence, lurking in the shadows and causing fear and distress. 

They’re a powerful force that seems determined to stand in Eleven’s way, a malevolent figure that never stops in its pursuit of her.

how old is 001 in stranger things in real life

But Eleven is no coward, and despite 001’s formidable power and mystique, the brave young girl was successful in defeating them. 

After enduring their attacks and obstacles, Eleven was able to summon her own special powers and use them to take down 001 and save the world from their plans. 

Despite being severely weakened and scared, Eleven was brave and intelligent enough to use her powers to outwit 001 and stop their evil plans.

001’s Age Compared to Other Characters

When it comes to comparing the age of 001 to the other characters in Stranger Things, the age gap is quite vast. 

At the beginning of the series, 001 has already been alive for many years, much longer than the other characters who are all children and teens. 

how old is 001 in stranger things irl

It is clear that 001 is no ordinary human, so measuring their age with an ordinary human perspective doesn’t quite fit.

Is 001 a Vecna?

In a huge plot twist, the character Vecna, previously thought to be a mysterious and powerful outsider, was revealed to be none other than Peter Ballard, the Hawkins police chief played by Jamie Campbell. 

What made this twist even bigger was the revelation that Peter was ‘One’ or 001 – the first and original experiment into telekinesis conducted by Dr Brenner (Matthew Modine). Vecna is 001. 

After all, he was the first one to be experimented on with powers and he escaped Brenner and his agents’ capture. Vecna’s powers seem to far exceed Eleven’s. 

how old is 001 in the show stranger things

For one thing, it looks like Vecna has far greater control over his telekinesis, being able to manipulate multiple objects at once while Eleven needs to concentrate on each one at a time. 

How he acquired these powers remains a mystery and there is still much to learn about what makes Vecna a being of such immense power.

Is Eleven’s dad 001?

Eleven’s dad could be and the new theory argues that it is none other than the first Hawkins lab test subject 001, also known as Henry Creel/Vecna.

After all, if he was created in the lab years before Eleven, then surely he must be ancient.

On the other hand, if he was created more recently, there’s a substantial age gap between himself and Eleven’s biological parentage. 

How did 001 become Vecna?

The young 001 was likely drawn to the powers of the Upside Down by the magnetic pull and energy of Eleven. 

As Eleven experimented with her powers, 001 became more and more attuned to the Dark Dimension and eventually gained the power to cross between them.

As time passed, the 001’s closeness to the darker forces changed its physical form. 

how old is number 001 in stranger things

Its aging process slowed and the physical changes began to give it the power to traverse between worlds and to manipulate matter at an accelerated rate. 

People began to report seeing this strange figure and eventually, Vecna was given its name.

Does Eleven know that Vecna is 001?

It’s a mystery whether Eleven knows the true identity of Vecna, or 001. Stranger Things is full of twists and turns, so it’s impossible to be sure of this. 

Eleven’s connection with Vecna is strong, and she seems to have a deep emotional understanding of who Vecna is, and of her importance. 

This is seen when we delve into the story of Eleven’s past in the fourth season of the show. 

how old is the actor that plays 001 in stranger things

When Eleven sees a figure of her mother, she claims that this is the way she remembers her and that she feels connected to Vecna through the space between them. 

This could potentially suggest knowledge on Eleven’s part that Vecna holds the same significance to her as her real mother and a revealed awareness of Vecna as 001.

When Eleven makes the choice to reject a reunion she begins to talk to the memory of her true mother, asking what she should do. 

This could be her subconscious asking advice from her real mother, and possibly, the answer she receives is the message of “turn towards what is important”. 

The message then leads her to many of the important choices and solutions she makes throughout the fourth season.


In conclusion, the age of 001 in Stranger Things is quite a mystery. We know that she looks like a pre-teen but she has impressive skills, powers and knowledge that point to a much older age. 

There’s no way to be sure of her exact date of birth until more information is revealed about her past, making the age of 001 a tantalizing enigma for fans of the show.

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