Have you ever wondered how old are Minions? Whether you’ve seen the characters in the movies, watched the anime series, or just seen pictures online, it can be tricky to tell how old they are. 

After all, the minions all look the same, and there doesn’t seem to be much information about their ages. But have no fear, we have done the research so that you can learn all about the age of the famous minions! 

From their oldest to their youngest, we have all the information about the age of the adorable, mischievous characters. So keep reading to learn all about the age of the minions!

How Old Are Minions?

Who is the oldest minion?

Born on March 15th, 60 million years ago, Kevin is said to be the oldest minion. His multiple occupations throughout his supernatural lifespan has made him an incomparable expert in many areas, from engineering to Henchman-ing. 

When it comes to physical features, Kevin stands out from the rest due to his black, spiky hair. His eyes, of a captivating chocolate brown, can look deep into the soul of witnesses that have the pleasure of bearing his gaze. 

How Old Are Minions

His teeth remain somewhat yellowed over time but are still noticeably straighter than the other minions.

With his experiences throughout the years, Kevin has picked up many skills and knowledge in the fields of engineering and robotics. 

He has created many iconic inventions, including the Cone of Silence, which he is particularly proud of. His resourcefulness and can-do attitude allow him to assist his fellow minions in any task, no matter how difficult.

In addition, Kevin takes a leading role as the other minions’ mentor. His skills as a problem solver make him a wise figure amongst his peers. 

His charismatic nature and sharp wit motivate others to be the best version of themselves, and his ironclad loyalty to his fellow minions makes him a beloved member of the group. 

Who is the youngest Minion?

We do know that the youngest Minion is Bob – hapless to the core and highly impressionable, Bob is the quintessential runt of the Minions litter.

Bob first showed up in the Despicable Me 2 movie, where he quickly became a fan favorite amongst audience members. With his propensity towards gentle mischief, Bob spends his time goofing off with fellow Minions and agitating Gru. 

His childlike nature suggests he may be younger than other Minions but this could also be simply due to his naivete or overenthusiasm.

how old is the minion bob

Though it’s tough to pin an exact age on Bob, it’s safe to assume he’s still quite young. Unlike other Minions, many of whom have a life-long relationship with Gru, Bob has just appeared on the scene and is still learning the ropes.

He’s easily influenced by the behavior and antics of his fellow Minions and hasn’t yet developed his own sense of identity.  The majority of Bob’s facial area is smooth and blemish-free and his eyes bear that wide-eyed innocence that marks youthfulness.

Do the Minions not age?

The thing is, Minions have been popular in pop culture since they made their debut in the movie “Despicable Me” in 2010. 

It’s been over a decade, so if they did age, they’d be quite elderly by now. But there’s no indication that Minions are any younger or older than when we first met them. So, we’re forced to conclude that Minions don’t age at all. 

how old are minions in human years

This lack of aging poses a bigger question: Are Minions immortal? It’s possible, but there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that Minions are immortal. 

The Minions all look different and have different personalities, which could lead one to assume that they age like humans, but it’s not known for certain. 

How long have Minions been alive?

It’s universally agreed that these funny little yellow creatures with big blue overalls first came into existence around 3.8 billion years ago. 

What’s even more remarkable is that the Minions have been looking for their boss since then, making them over 3 billion and 800 million years old! 

It wasn’t until around 70 million years ago that the Minions began serving their first named boss – a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

This ill-fated alliance lasted until the T-Rex was killed off by a meteor, at which point the Minions moved on to an unnamed caveman, and then to a Pharaoh around 2500 BC. 

No matter who their boss has been, one thing’s been consistent through the years: the Minions’ capacity for loyalty and devotion. 

Despite the brief tenure of their original boss and the often catastrophic consequences of their time serving various rulers, the Minions have never given up and have valiantly carried on in their quest to find the perfect boss. 

how old is kevin from minions

The modern age has seen the Minions finally discover a formidable, world-renowned boss – Gru. For the past decade, they’ve worked alongside him as his loyal and faithful helpers, making mischief and getting into all sorts of scrape together.

How was Minions born?

The age of the Minions is a bit tricky to determine. According to the lore of the original Despicable Me films, the Minions were created in a single mutated strand of DNA by Gru. 

But, then in their stand-alone movie, Minions revealed that they evolved along with other life on Earth. 

This provides an interesting conundrum. It’s possible Minions existed long before Gru crafted them, and they lived alongside other life forms but Gru subjected them to a mutation that humors his own evil scheme. Still, there is no official answer as to the true age of Minions.

how old is the minions movie

What we do know, however, is how the current Minions were born. In Despicable Me, Gru creates his minions after an unspecified length of time experimenting in his lab. 

From a single strand of mutated DNA emerges Minions, who skitter around their creator like gleeful toddlers. 

This new spawn delighted Gru with their anti-authoritarian antics, becoming soon beloved companions in his acts of villainy. 

This event marked the beginning of the Minions’ saga and from there, they embark on a flurry of funny and sometimes dangerous adventures. 

What gender are Minions?

Minions have no gender. They are a fictional species of yellow creatures created and popularized by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. 

The minions have become so beloved and recognizable all around the world that you could easily mistake a real-life individual wearing a minion costume as an actual minion.

The young and old ones alike, always with those large, cute googly eyes and distinguishing overalls, have a habit of talking in a jumble of random, strange sounds and expressions, which make them thoroughly adorable to many people. 

how old is gru from despicable me 2

Depending on the production they appear in, they may also appear to age before our very eyes – in one instant they can be infants, while in the next, they may be seen with white hair and youthfulness all but forgotten.

As far as gender is concerned, there do not appear to be any adult female minions and any male designs tend to mimic the masculine looks of adult males. 

Are there female Minions?

Yes, there are female Minions! In various animes and in the “Despicable Me” movie series there are female Minions, who are easily identifiable by their larger eyes, small tiaras, and stylish dresses. 

Although Minions are traditionally depicted as male, there have been some female characters, usually in secondary roles. In the movie series, they are often much taller than their male counterparts.

The glamorous female Minions are typically younger and more vibrant than their male counterparts, and their personalities vary widely. 

how old are minions mentally

For example, in “Despicable Me 3”, some female Minions are shown interacting with children and helping them with their activities. 

Female Minions are sometimes seen as being more mischievous than their male counterparts, but at the same time, they are often seen as being more helpful and responsible than male Minions.

How old is Gru now?

Gru, the beloved and eccentric protagonist stemming from the popular Despicable Me movies, has always been portrayed as an older man. Throughout the movies, however, we experience flashbacks of his past, so it is uncertain how old Gru is associated with the present day.

Although his age has never been officially confirmed, it is estimated that Gru is between the ages of 50-60. This is believed to be because of Gru’s reputation as a former supervillain, as the oldest recorded ‘Master of Gimmicks’ was 52.

how old are the minions in rise of gru

Gru’s minions, on the other hand, can be anywhere between 1 and 40, depending on their size and design. 

The youngest minion is a purple creature younger than 1, and the oldest is a giant 3-eyed alien that looks like 40. All minions, regardless of age, follow Gru unconditionally and will do anything to help him. 

Can Minions live forever?

No, minions cannot live forever. It is widely believed that they have an age range like any other creature, with the eldest and most experienced being the oldest and the youngest, still learning the ropes of the world, being the youngest. 

The age range of minions is unknown, but many speculate that they range anywhere from a couple of hundred years old, to a few thousand.

The concept of age among minions has been widely debated and remains widely misunderstood. Some believe that they are foils of humans, in that they will live forever, while others have argued that age is still a factor. 

minions how old are they

Given that we have yet to understand the biological makeup of minions, it remains mostly a mystery.

It is clear, however, that the eldest minions are among the most powerful, and should be respected as such. These wise and mature characters are the ones that it is said can turn the tide of a battle, using their long memory to recall events and knowledge from ages past.

Of course, no one really knows the true age of minions, and even if it is long, some suggest that these creatures may still have an expiration date. Although it is unknown how long that lifespan may be, it ultimately does not change the fact that minions are not immortal, and are subject to the same challenges of time that all creatures must face.


In conclusion, the age of Minions is a complex topic. The furry yellow characters that originated in the Despicable Me film franchise have since become a pop culture phenomenon, with a range of ages and backgrounds. 

As with any beloved character, fans often create their own ideas of how old they are. The oldest Minions may be ancient, while the youngest are likely less than 100 years old. 

Although this age range spans the majority of anime and animated films, Minions remains a mystery regarding precise age. 

In the end, we can enjoy the comical and often mischievous antics of the Minions, no matter how old they are. 

Whether the oldest of these characters are found living in their caves for thousands of years or the youngest were just born yesterday, we can all agree that the Minions bring delight and laughter to our lives. 

While the age of Minions may not be able to be definitively determined, there is no doubt that their timeless way of living continues to touch the hearts of generations around the world.

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