Zeke Landon’s death in the TV series “Manifest” was not revealed in the episodes aired up to that point.

“Manifest” is a science fiction drama that centers around the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, which disappears for five and a half years before mysteriously reappearing. 

Zeke Landon, portrayed by Matt Long, is a recurring character in the series and plays a significant role in the storyline.

Who is Zeke in Manifest?

Zeke Landon is a recurring character in the TV series “Manifest.” He is portrayed by actor Matt Long. Zeke’s storyline is introduced in the second season of the show.

Zeke is a hiker who goes missing in the woods for an extended period. However, when he returns, he discovers that he has jumped forward in time. 

This phenomenon is similar to the mysterious disappearance and reappearance experienced by the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, the central event in the series.

Upon his return, Zeke becomes connected to the other passengers of Flight 828, who are now known as the “828ers.” 

He is drawn into their lives and becomes involved in the unfolding mysteries surrounding the flight’s disappearance and its implications.

Zeke’s character goes through significant development and plays a vital role in the storyline, particularly in relation to his experiences and connections with the other 828ers. 


As the series progresses, Zeke’s journey becomes intertwined with the show’s central mysteries, and his presence adds layers of complexity to the plot.

Since “Manifest” may have developed further beyond my last update, I recommend watching the series or referring to more recent sources for any updates or new developments related to Zeke Landon’s character.

What happened to Zeke on Manifest?

Zeke Landon, portrayed by Matt Long, is introduced in the second season of “Manifest” as a hiker who goes missing in the woods. 

He mysteriously reappears, having experienced a time jump similar to the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828. 

This connection to the 828ers draws him into their lives and the unfolding mysteries surrounding the flight’s disappearance.

Throughout the series, Zeke becomes entangled in the lives of the main characters and plays a crucial role in the unfolding events. 

His journey involves dealing with the consequences of his time jump and how it affects his life and relationships.

Why did Zeke Landon have to die?

In the concluding episodes of season 4, part 1 of “Manifest,” a shocking truth was revealed to Landon. 

He discovered that his son, Cal, was the prophesied “Dragon,” destined to prevent the impending apocalypse as foretold by the mysterious “Callings.” 

Cal’s role as the Dragon meant that he was the key to saving the world from the catastrophic events orchestrated by Holly Taylor’s character, “Angelina.”

However, an insurmountable obstacle stood in Cal’s path to fulfilling his destiny. He was suffering from a life-threatening cancer that threatened to cut short his chance to save humanity. 


The urgency to avert the apocalypse intensified as Cal’s condition worsened. In the pivotal finale episode, Zeke, who had previously returned from the dead, came to understand that his own resurrection served a significant purpose. 

Upon learning about Cal’s crucial role as the Dragon and the imminent threat posed by his illness, Zeke chose to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

With selflessness and determination, Zeke made a momentous decision to give up his life so that Cal could live, fulfill his destiny, and avert the apocalypse.

Zeke’s sacrifice underscored the theme of destiny, the importance of fulfilling one’s purpose, and the profound impact of selfless actions. 

His sacrifice became a turning point in the battle against impending doom, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those around him, especially Cal and Landon.

How did Zeke survive the death date?

Zeke Landon’s survival of the death date in “Manifest” was attributed to a unique phenomenon related to his time jump experience. 

When Zeke disappeared in the woods and reappeared later, he found himself connected to the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, who had experienced a similar time jump.

In the series, some characters, including Zeke, began experiencing a phenomenon known as “the callings.” 

These callings are mysterious visions or premonitions that provide guidance or warnings about future events. Zeke’s connection to the 828ers through the callings played a significant role in his survival.

As the death date approached, Zeke faced the same imminent fate as the other 828ers who had received death date callings. 

However, he discovered that he was granted a reprieve from death by embracing altruism and selflessness. By saving the life of someone else, Zeke’s death date was postponed, allowing him to continue living beyond the initial expiration date.

the callings

This unique twist in Zeke’s storyline introduced the idea that redemption and acts of kindness might hold the key to defying fate and altering the outcomes predicted by the death date callings.

What is the twist in Manifest?

In the season finale of “Manifest,” the passengers of Flight 828 finally confront the enigmatic force behind their mysterious return. 

As they face off against Holly Taylor’s character, “Angelina,” who is revealed to be a powerful antagonist seeking to unleash an apocalyptic event, a shocking twist unfolds.

During the climactic battle, Cal, who has been identified as the prophesied “Dragon” destined to stop the apocalypse, emerges as a key figure in the confrontation. 

However, as the battle intensifies, a sudden burst of radiant energy surrounds Cal, blinding everyone momentarily.

When the light fades, Cal stands there as his 11-year-old self, looking bewildered and disoriented. 

The passengers and his family members are astonished as they witness the impossible – Cal has been de-aged to his younger self.

In a tearful reunion, his mother and family embrace the young Cal, but they soon realize that he has no memory of the events that unfolded since his return on Flight 828. 

The knowledge and wisdom he acquired as the Dragon is gone, leaving only the innocence and wonder of an 11-year-old boy.

Amidst the emotional turmoil and the urgency to prevent the apocalypse, the passengers are faced with a new dilemma. 

They must find a way to restore Cal’s memories and help him regain his identity as the Dragon to fulfill the prophecy and save the world.

As they embark on a new chapter in their journey, the passengers must confront the mysteries of the sapphire and its connection to Cal’s transformation. 

The twist introduces fresh challenges, emotional complexity, and a race against time to restore Cal’s memories and fulfill his destiny.

Manifest series

Where to watch all the seasons of Manifest?

The availability of TV shows can vary depending on your location and the streaming platforms available in your region. To watch all the seasons of “Manifest,” you can check the following options:

NBC’s Official Website: The most recent episodes of “Manifest” may be available for streaming on NBC’s official website. Some networks make their shows available for a limited time after they air on television.

Streaming Services: Popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Peacock, and Netflix may have rights to “Manifest.” 

Depending on your region, the show might be available on one of these platforms. Be sure to check your local streaming libraries to see if the series is offered.

Digital Purchase or Rental: You can also purchase or rent individual episodes or full seasons of “Manifest” from platforms like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Movies & TV, or Vudu.

DVD or Blu-ray: If you prefer physical copies, you can check for DVD or Blu-ray releases of “Manifest,” which usually contain complete seasons.

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