The Temptations is an American vocal group that rose to prominence for their soul music during the 60s era and remains in the hearts of fans today. The Temptations was known for its top-notch choreography and delightful harmonies.

How Did Blue From The Temptations Die?

Who was Blue from the Temptations?

Blue’s actual name was David Melvin English but he decided to keep his stage name as Melvin Franklin.

He was the bass singer of the group and sang as a lead many times in his career. His signature bass voice contributed to the particular sound in The Temptations which set this group apart from other groups.

Some of the songs Blue sang include ‘I Truly, Truly Believe’, and ‘Silent Night’.

Where was Blue born?

Blue was born on October 12, 1942, in Montogomery, Alabama. He stayed with his grandmother until the age of 10 in Alabama on her insistence.

He then moved to be with his mother and stepfather in Detroit. He was interested in music since his childhood and eventually joined Voice Masters.

How did Blue from the Temptations die?

Blue was prescribed to take cortisone when he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The use of the drug left his immune system weaker than before which led to him having diabetes.

In 1995, he suffered from many seizures which caused irreversible neurological damage and this threw him into a coma. He was taken to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center. A week later, he suffered from heart failure and passed away.

Did Blue actually get shot?

In 1978, a man tried to steal Blue’s private car. Blue tried his best to prevent the theft and, at that moment, he was shot in his leg and hand.

This incident took place in Los Angeles. Blue was then admitted to the hospital where he recovered from his injuries.

Who named him Blue?

Melvin Franklin loved the color blue and so his friends along with the other members of the group started to call him Blue. Before long, he was nicknamed Blue and known to fans as Blue.

Is it true that Blue was a voice actor?

Yes, indeed, Blue was once a voice actor thanks to his distinct voice. Melvin Franklin lent his voice to Pole Position which was a cartoon series in 1984.

He was the voice behind the ‘Wheels’ which is a 1965 Ford Mustang that Tess drives.

Was Melvin Franklin married?

He was married to Kimberly English until he died in 1995. It is not known when he married. He has five children; David English Jr., Felicia English, Davette English, LaRissa English, and Niquos English.

An old picture of Melvin with his son David English Jr.

When was The Temptations formed?

The vocal group was formed in 1961 although at that time the name was The Elgins. The Temptations was a product of the merging of two vocal groups; the Distants and the Primes.

The Distants was a vocal group from Detroit from the start. The Primes was a vocal group in Alabama that later shifted to Detroit.

Who were the original members of the Temptations?

The five original members of The Temptations were; Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and David Ruffin.

They were also known as the ‘Classic Five’. Initially, the choreography was coordinated by Paul Williams but later it was Cholly Atkins who was in charge. The ‘Temptations Walk’ became a highly popular move.

What was the first hit of the Temptations?

The Temptations had their first hit in 1965. Their song ‘My Girl’ became their biggest hit and it was the first time their song had become #1 in pop.

It sold a million copies and still holds the record of being one of the best songs that have ever been recorded.

Who stayed and who left in the Temptations?

The members of the group changed so frequently but Otis Williams and Marvin Franklin were the only original members until Blue’s death. As many as 26 members have contributed to The Temptations up to this point.

What awards did the Temptations win?

The Temptations vocal group won a variety of honors and awards over time. It won its first Grammy in 1968, then in 1972, and then in 2013.

The members of The Temptations have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in 1989.

Is The Temptations featured in magazines?

In 2020, Rolling Stone said that the group is the best black vocal group in modern times. The album Anthology has been featured thrice in the list of ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ by Rolling Stone.

Billboard magazine ranked it at the top of their list of the Greatest R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of All Time. It also featured them in 125 Greatest of All Time Artists in 2019.

Are the original members of the Temptations alive in 2022?

Paul Williams was fired from the group in 1971. He subsequently developed problems due to alcoholism and then committed suicide in 1973. David Ruffin passed away in 1991 due to a cocaine overdose.

Eddie Kendricks died in 1992 because he developed lung cancer. Otis Williams is the only original member of the group who is still alive. He is currently 80 years old.  

What was The Temptations miniseries about?

The Temptations mini-series released in 1998 is all about the vocal group. It showcases the struggles, triumphs, and tribulations that they endured in 40 years since the group formed.

It has won many accolades and awards. Allan Arkush won a Primetime Emmy in 1999 for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries or a Movie. It also won an Image Award in 1999 for Outstanding Television Movie or Mini-Series.

Which label signed The Temptations?

Motown Records initially signed them. In the late 70s, The Temptations decided to join Atlantic Records label. But after a few years, the group was back with Motown Records.

Are the members of the group The Temptations still touring?

Yes, they are currently on tour in the U.S. The Temptations will tour abroad in the fall of this year. As it is the 60th anniversary of the band it is extra special for the members.

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