Superman #12

House Of El Unites In Superman #12

One terrifying war is over, but another more horrific war is about to begin. The House of El must now face the frightening Rogol Zarr and General Zodd. We last left Superman and Jon in space as they have to figure out why Jor-el is in the center of an alien war. After some questionable scenes and a creepy smile, the issue ended with a jaw-dropping scene.

As Superman and Jon are almost beaten by Zarr and Zod, Supergirl appears ready to fight. What happens next? Well, readers, this next chapter is the best issue in the series so far. There is so much to talk about. Get ready for a touching and action-packed story, this is Superman #12.

A Super-Plot

The issue begins with Supergirl bursting into the scene. She arrives with Rogol Zaar’s ax in hand and Krypto by her side. Superman, Supergirl, Jon and Krypto begin to fight Rogol Zarr and Zodd in a furious battle. Suddenly, Jor-el alerted the group to leave the area. They all board Jor-el’s ship and take off into the cosmos. After a touching reunion between the House of El, the family gets down to business. Supergirl then began to discuss everything she has been dealing with lately and knows exactly what happened to Krypton.

Superman #12
Credit: Superman #12, DC Comics, 2019

Kara then stated that she must deal with the woman responsible for Zarr, and would like to take Jon with her. As they leave, Clark begins to talk with Jor-el about an event that happened in the middle of Zarr Zod battle. As he begins to question everything Jor-el told him, Jor-el then tells Clark that he will get all his answers soon. Jor-el then stops his ship at a surprising location.

Super Moments In Superman #12

This issue has everything a great Superman comic should contain. The issue is touching, action-packed, comedic, and dramatic. There are so many excellent moments that it’s hard to not talk about every single one, but there are two moments that need to be mentioned. The first is the battle right at the beginning of the issue. Some comics reiterate the plot before the action happens, which is sometimes a waste of time.

Superman #12
Credit: Superman #12, DC Comics, 2019

In this issue, the action just starts right away and doesn’t hold back. The art is spectacular, every panel contains so much emotion and there are two wonderful splash pages. One of the splash pages even takes up two pages. Fans may fall in love with one of these pages because it portrays Supergirl’s amazing strength. The artist’s work truly shines at the moment and readers will have a hard time turning to the next page.

A Hug Worth A Thousand Words

Another moment of amazement is on page eleven of Superman #12. On this page, all of the survivors of Krypton are finally all together in one room. It has been a long time since they have been together and to accent this moment the artist drew Kara, Clark, Jon, and Krypto holding each other close. It is one of the most stunning and touching scenes DC comics has done in a while.

Superman #12
Credit: Superman #12, DC Comics, 2019

Sadly, this moment wasn’t a splash page and it should have been. At the size it is in the book there is a lot of emotion placed on that panel. If it were full-page, readers may have become teary-eyed seeing the House of El together like this. The next page does get better when everyone is quickly catching up with one another. As they are letting their emotions out Kara jokes about Jon being a teenager, which is one of the funniest things in the book.

Moment Corrected & Retconned In Superman #12

Finally, this issue addresses a very confusing moment in a prior issue. Back in Superman #10, Superman uses Jon’s new suit to travel through space to find Jor-el. As the moment was interesting, it was also very confusing. There was no way Clark had any idea how to use Jon’s suit. Jon had no idea how to work the suit because Jor-el just gave it to him moments prior. No one should know how to use it other than Jor-el, but as a surprise, Superman knew. This issue, though, retcons the whole moment a bit.

Superman #12
Credit: Superman #12, DC Comics, 2019

As everyone is on Jor-els ship, he mentions how Jon’s suit works and what it contains. They are all surprised at the information, even Superman. Which again makes no sense since he used it. Still, it’s just good to know that Jon’s suit officially has certain powers, and it’s just odd that a moment like this had to be retconned when it only happened two issues ago.

Unnecessary Point Of View

During the Superman #11 review, there was an honorable mention to read the Supergirl comic. As readers should read the issues prior to this issue, readers should not read Supergirl #31. Readers should be advised that the whole crossover issue is just Superman #12 but from Kara’s point of view. There was hope that this issue would add to the end of this Superman comic, but it doesn’t.

In Supergirl readers see scenes that have never occurred and ruins a touching hug from issue 12. It’s a mess of a book that feels unnecessary and should not be read after reading this great issue. There is a lot to say about that issue, but that is a review in itself. If readers decide to read the issue, go right ahead. The writing isn’t terrible it just changes most of the events in Superman issue #12 which can become confusing for fans of both series.

Final Thoughts On Superman #12

Superman #12 is a wonderful issue from cover to cover. Rereading the issue I couldn’t find any major faults. If any were found they were more like small knit picks in the book than a full problem. As I was worried about what Bendis was doing with this series, I am finally overjoyed with what he did here. I hope he continues the momentum of great writing.

Superman #12
Credit: Superman #12, DC Comics, 2019

Hopefully, the next issue doesn’t go back to bad habits of not making sense and confusing plot points. I was mainly glad that Jor-el was talking like a normal human being rather than a rambling old man. I have no idea why it took twelve issues to get the ball rolling in the right direction, but finally, a good issue came into everyone’s hands. If you are looking for a great comic with marvelous writing and art get this issue you will not regret it.

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