A real-life experience turned into a web series is what “Homeless With My Louie Bag” is about. Created and written by Alecia Tatum, by Made a Lane Productions. The pilot episode was shot in March 2017, and the series is about Parker, who is an aspiring fashion designer.

Homeless With My Louie Bag Web Series

Parker shares an apartment with her mom Surraya, a legal secretary, and entrepreneur who has OCD. Their lives quickly spiral as they lose their jobs. With losing the jobs comes with losing their apartment as well. That leads to trials and tribulations shortly thereafter. In this web series, we witness Parker and Surraya struggle to navigate this new reality and experience with one another.

Throughout this series, you will meet some of the characters that the main characters themselves encounter. And, that they live with, in some instances as well, as they look to reset and regain their lives. In that same retrospect, how they look to seek support from others, too. Surraya, who is the mother in the series, and the one with OCD tendencies make for comedic situations.

Parker, on the other hand, tries to have a social life to further her career and that is challenging for her. As the series moves along, it shows and tells us about housing in New York City. How challenging it can be to search and find security in your housing in New York City. It is a sincere story waiting to be told and watched by us, the viewers.

Where To Find The Web Series

This series is character driven and may hit home for some viewers just as well as the creators of the web series. The series is looking to raise funding to complete season 1, and you can find all information about it here. Episode 2 is in post-production and look forward to that soon.

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